Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Wooooohoooo! Already to the half way point of the week! I like it! Of course after taking last week off from WILW I am back, with some loves of the week!!! Enjoy!

1. This Anniversary Photo Session Photo. If y'all follow me on Twitter or Instagram {if not, you should!} than you may have seen this already. If not, well enjoy! On Sunday, of our trip to Charleston, we met up with the sweetest and talented Dana Cubbage of Dana Cubbage Photography to document our first anniversary and our trip! I've seen the gallery of proofs already and really can't wait to share them all with y'all!! She got some great shots and other than my hair not cooperating with the humidity of SC I think they turned out lovely! I seriously have got to get to blowing up photos and hanging them in our home {I have yet to even do that with our wedding photos}!

2. Cutting out the *bullshit*. Excuse my French but really it's the only way to put it. Within the last year I've really learned who my real friends are and who aren't and that list has dwindled to a VERY VERY select few. Disappointing yes,  however, I am totally okay with this. Ive found that I am way more happier when the access bullshit has been removed from my life. I have so many important things to focus on in, such as my family, myself, my job, my goals, etc. that I don't have time to entertain high school antics or waste my time with complete disrespect and dishonesty. I won't force anyone to be my friend and I refuse to sink to any level of immaturity to keep a friend for the sake of keeping them. It's not worth it. At the end of the day who is going to be there for me? My husband, my family, my sweet baby Reef, and those close tight friends! They love me for ALL of me, my strengths and my weaknesses. If you can't do that than quite frankly I don't need you or better yet, I don't even want you in my life.

3. 101 Blog Followers! Holy Moly! I can't even believe that in such a short time period I have gained this many readers! The blogging community is such a supportive group of ladies and I am so thankful for the friendships I have already made! So many people are so happy for one another and constantly promoting one another. It really is a wonderful opportunity to meet so many kind hearted people! I can't thank you all enough for reading my rambles, for leaving sweet comments, and for sending encouraging emails and tweets!

4. This E-card! I was browsing Facebook yesterday when I saw that someone had posted it! I couldn't resist re-posting it on my wall! I mean lets be real, you know you ALL are looking forward to this movie! Who wouldn't?! Folks on Facebook liked it so much I've gained almost 50 likes! Really?! 50?! That's crazy... I can't even imagine what the movie theaters are going to be like on opening night! Well, I can imagine, high shrieking 25 - 50 year old woman! And Dear God, I will feel incredibly sad for any man who is talked in to going to see it. Ladies, leave your men at home and go with girlfriends...drama free girlfriends at that {reference #2 on my list today if need be}!

5. Pedicures. I normally do not splurge on these. I'm pretty good at painting my own toes and keeping them looking good. However, every once in awhile it's nice to have someone else do them for you, especially when you have literally walked your tootsies off in Downtown Charleston! I'll share more details when I post about our trip, but while the hubby was getting an hour long massage, I opted for a pedi and shellac manicure! And I am here to say, that a week later they are both still looking fabulous and making me feel so put together! It's the little things right?! After my little pampering experience, I may just have to treat myself a little more often!

And an EXTRA LOVE today:

6. The Bauble Swap over at Because Shanna Said So! Check it out!!! Too much fun and apparently my partner has already picked my little pretty up! I need to get shopping!!!

 Now that we are half way to Friday I hope everyone is gearing up for a fantastic summer time weekend!! Anyone doing anything crazy fun?! You know I always love to hear what y'all are up too!! Have a stellar rest of the day!!!



  1. I hear ya on #2 - and it's worth it to get rid of people like that! You have more time to spend on people who matter, and less stress. Magic Mike in 3D Imax? PLEASE! And it takes me longer to mail things than probably you will, so I think our gifts would arrive at the same time! :)

  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel about losing friends. In the last 5+ years I've lost relationships with many friends & even a few family members. People today are just so inconsiderate & rude and it sometimes seems like the closer they are to you, the more they do it. It's completely unfair. I always say to my Husband that I would rather have a few people I can count on one hand that I can be close to or even none at all, then a crowd of people that take advantage and don't treat us the way we deserve. You are worth it!!! =)

  3. Seriously, Magic Mike in 3D is a must... Holy Channing Tatum!!!

    And I am so pumped you passed 100!!! Go girl!!

  4. That picture of you and the hubs is gorg! I totally feel you on the friend front.. I have been through so much friend drama in the last year that I deleted my Facebook to get away from it and it was part of the reason I started my blog. I needed to get back to loving myself bc let's be honest besides my Momma I'm the only one I can truly trust! So ya.. preach it girlfran! Mmmm Magic Mike.. yes please! I can't wait :)

  5. Yay for over 100 followers 0 it's so fun isn't it!!?? I would love to see Channing Tatum coming at me in 3D!! :)

  6. 1 - totally agree with cutting the BS. at first, i was sad that my real life friends were dwindling, but life is so much less complicated! thank the good Lord! :)

    2 - I heard that when channing tatum used to be a stripper, he got the most tips while dancing to usher's "you make me wanna" that i know that, i will never think of that song the same way again! ;)

    3 - LOVE that anniversary pic!! :)

  7. Love #1, totally agree with #2, and congrats on #3- it's amazing how people who are practically strangers can be so encouraging!

  8. I spy my face of the GFC pic! ;) Congrats on hitting 100!! Thanks for the love today! You rock my socks off!! And amen on cutting out the bull shit! No time for the drama!! Take elsewhere!!

  9. You know I'm with you on cutting out the BS!!! Just our little twitter chat the other day made me feel better knowing I'm not the on,y one dealing w psychos! Haha! You'd think after high school everyone would grow. Clearly that is not the case. I've realized some people will never grow up & will forever cause drama. Dumb bitches we don't need em! Most of the time it all comes down to jealousy anyway! On a lighter note I love your anniversary pics! You guys are adorable! And congrats on reaching 100!!! You deserve it!!!! #TheMessyProject xoxoxoxoxo

  10. I am glad to visit your blog. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing. follow me i will follow you back:)