Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anni-Moon Pt. 2!

Happy Happy Tuesday!!! I am sure most of y'all are excited as all get out considering tomorrow is a holiday!! I am definitely looking forward to getting off early today and not having to be back until Thursday! Unfortunately the hubby has to work tomorrow so we don't have any set plans for the day! Bummer I know but at least it gives me some relaxing time with the pup!

Before I get started with my post, be sure to hop over to Page Twenty Two where I am guest posting for Mrs. Shannon as she is celebrating her honeymoon in Hawaii with her new hubby!!! I'm sharing a little wedding planning secret that I am sure wedding planners and Martha Stewart alike, would gawk at! Enjoy! 

I decided I'd give y'all more photos from our Anni-moon trip! Prepare for photo overload! Most of these were taken on the carriage tour ride we took! After looking through them I for sure thought I took more but apparently not! I am notorious for leaving my camera behind!

This church above was once the meeting house and is the oldest building in the city, apparently!

The sad thing is, I can't remember what many of these buildings were. If I'm not mistaken the above picture is a part of the courts.

I want a red door like this! I can see it... paint our brick a sand beige color, paint the shutters black and paint the door bright red! Love it!

I love all of the architecture in Charleston! It's a mix between colonial, french, and victorian which are ALL my favorites!! Annnd by the way... Do you even know why ALL the porches are on the sides of the houses?! Well they ALL face the direction of the water and it was built that way so the breeze that came of the water could be felt on your porch and in your house if you opened the windows! Instant AC! Who knew?! Not me!!!

I need that porch! 

Fort Sumter

The photo above is the "smallest house" in the city! It is so small it does not even have a full number as an address! It has a 1/2 number as it's address!!! Wish I could remember what it is now used for! I'm quite certain no one actually lives there!!

I know I am no photographer so I apologize for the lack of pizazz with the photos! None the less I was sitting between folks on the carriage ride and I'm quite proud that I was able to take most of them without heads and noses in the way! If you ever make it down to Charleston {I highly recommend you do!} you should really do a carriage ride tour! They give you a ton of history as you ride through the city and it's a great way to take in all the sites and give your feet a rest!

My Part 3 post I'll share our 1st Anniversary Photo Session with yall! They turned out pretty awesome and we were able to get some great shots with some of that architecture I love oh so much!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! I will be posting tomorrow, but just in case you all are partying up early and don't get to stop by, have a fabulous AND safe Fourth of July!!



  1. Seriously, just gorgeous! I remember a lot of those houses actually, especially the big white one with the two story porch, I mean WOW. How could I forget? Looks like y'all had a wonderful anni-moon :D Hoping we can get out of town for a weekend for ours too!

  2. Don't you just want to move right in to one of this pretty houses with black shutters and big verandas?? I know I do!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Charleston is such a beautiful city! Happy 4th of July my dear!!!

  4. these photos are gorg! I love SC. one of my favorite places. My moms family lives there and I always look forward to going to the city to visit. Glad you and the hubby had such a great trip!


  5. I love the idea of an Anni-moon! We haven't taken a really "honeymoon" yet, so that would be something cute for us to do! I definitely enjoy Charleston, so I'm not surprised that y'all had a fabulous time ;) Can't wait to see the Anniversary pics!