Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 2012 Mini Goals & Guest Posting!

Well Well Well Hello there July! It's good to see you! Lots of fun things happen when you roll around, like the Hubby's birthday. Even more celebrations this month as Baby Reef turns a year old too! I'm very much looking forward to celebrating my two favorite guys and their big days!!

Just a little "FYI" today, I am guest posting over at Paging Dr. Grace while she is on a fabulous get-a-way in Europe!! Be sure to check out all the guest's posts from the last week! We are all reliving our most favorite vacations... mine being our trip to Costa Rica! Why not our honeymoon you may ask? Well that's how I met Mrs. Emily... she did a guest post on Page Twenty Two about her honeymoon 3 years ago to Cabo where they stayed at the Riu Sante Fe! Well, a year ago the hubby and I spent our honeymoon in Cabo at the Riu Sante Fe!!!! Too funny right?! Well I felt like many of her readers had all the details they needed for Cabo... why repeat them all?! So I'm sharing my second favorite vacation! Be sure to head over and check it out!

Now for today's post... I've already greeted July with open arms annnnnnnd now a new set of mini goals! I'm trying to see them in a positive light and do hope more than one can be accomplished! We shall see we shall see!

1. Write one handwritten note to someone once a week. I know, you've seen this one on every mini goals post I've blogged. Well guess what? It is staying until I complete it!

2. Purchase bed frame & bed skirt for master bed. This just needs to happen. I need to get off my lazy behind and buy the dang frame so we can finally complete the room, until I find a headboard that is!

3. Send wedding set off to be redipped and soldered together. Since we don't have anywhere crazy important to be in the next two weeks, I think I may be able to part with it! We shall see!

4. Save more money - $50.00 to $100.00 per pay check. I, plain and simple, suck at saving money! This one is important to me and I am hoping with the job promotion it may be easier for me to do this now. Although all I keep hearing in my head is, the more money you make, the more you spend. I don't want to be like that.

5. Call out of town friends more often to catch up. This should also include local friends too. We are all so busy and I know I allow too much time to pass before chatting and catching up with my buddies! I want to make more of an effort to spend time with them, whether on the phone or hanging out, and rekindle some of the friendship flames that may not be burning so brightly. I think we are all guilty of this. Husbands, children, furbabies, jobs, etc change so much in our lives but those friends we have had in our lives for years need to be taken care of as well!

6. Have a blast celebrating the Hubby's 26th birthday in D.C.! Yes ladies I married a younger man! A year and a half younger to be more precise! Anywho, this year I am taking him to D.C. {Yes, he knows all of this already} to go see the Braves play the Nationals. He is a HUGE Braves fan and has been talking about wanting to see them play for sometime now! They just happen to be a 3 hour drive away his birthday weekend ... sooooo why not?! I know he'll love it!!

7. Enter more blog contests and Link Ups. Entries to contests and give aways scare me! There are soooooo many things you have to do to get an entry. Follow, comment, tweet, like, follow someone else, tweet someone else, like someone else. Sometimes I think it's a bit much, BUT I do want to win SOMETHING. Plus it gives me a chance to add new bloggers to my Reader! I really need to concentrate on participating in more Link Ups so that I can meet new ladies! Meeting new people is a huge reason why I have enjoyed blogging so much so I need to be more proactive at that!

8. Powerwalk EVERY morning with Reef. I mean this just needs to happen for my sake and the pups sake!

9. Make it a priority to spend more time with ALL of our families. If you don't already know, Todd and I come from divorced families and the majority are all remarried. Meaning we have TONS of family. It is extremely difficult to see everyone but still have time for ourselves! We do enjoy our weekends where we go on dates and just spend time together, but family is VERY important to us and we really need to try harder to see everyone more often. Point Blank.

10. Complete at least one house project. I was thinking yesterday about all the house projects I want/ need to do. New French Doors to replace the sliding glass doors. New blinds in the second guest bedroom. Replace all interior doors with paneled doors. Redo the kitchen. Redo the decor in other guest room. And the list goes on and on and on. Well, I'm tired of just thinking about the projects. I'm ready to complete some! Home Depot is about to be my best friend!

Any of y'all have any goals for the month planned? Any one have any advice on how to stick to goals you set for yourself! Obviously if you've been keeping up with my posts you know my goals end pretty disastrous! I could use all the help I can get!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!! Ours was quite relaxing!! Friday night, I of course went to see Magic Mike! Which I will say did not disappoint me in the grand scheme of things, but I did think the ending was pretty freaking abrupt! I could have used a couple more dance numbers and a little more Matt Bomer on the screen. Saturday we went and checked out a Volvo we've had an eye on, went to a few surf shops for the hubby's addiction, and then had dinner! It was a perfect little date night. Yesterday we literally lounged around all day! Tried to play in the sprinkler with Reef but he wasn't having it so we came inside and took naps! Nothing too crazy exciting and it was pretty darn awesome!

I assume everyone is gearing up for the 4th of July Festivities!! Wishing you all lots of fun with whatever you are doing! I'm pretty excited about being off in the middle of the week! Yay, for a little break!

Have a fabulous Monday!!!



  1. I love the idea of sending a hand written note!! I think I am going to start doing that too!! Great goals girl!

  2. Love monthly goals! They always seem so much more manageable. I need to make mine for the month too!

  3. great goals!! I love the idea of setting monthly ones.

  4. That's a huge list of goals! You can do it....except maybe the saving money one....that's so hard. I have that goal every month too! What kind of Volvo do you guys have your eye on?!

  5. Great list of mini goals! I need to be better about making lists like that. And sounds like you had a fab weekend! I love, love No Frill and that salad sounds amazing... I love fried green tomatoes! We spent the weekend lounging at the beach which was fabulous... hot but fabulous! Hope you have a happy 4th of July!