Friday, June 29, 2012

June 2012 Mini Goals Round Up!

I can't thank Carley from Suburban Sweets for stopping by yesterday and guest blogging for me! I hope y'all enjoyed her as well!!!

Welp tomorrow is the last day of  June which means only one thing for today's post... I have to give y'all an update of how my Mini Goals went! Ugh! Do I really have to?!?! Well, technically no I don't, since it is my blog, but because I made them I need to try hard to stick with them, even when I fail miserably! I thought May was a pretty disastrous month... June beat it by a landslide!

1. Write one handwritten note to someone once a week. FAIL. Zip, Zero, Nadda! However, I did send out loads of cards for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and new babies as well as a few thank you cards mixed in. Technically they can count, right?!

2. Use Myfitness Pal app everyday to keep track of calories. FAIL. This lasted until we went to Charleston and I ate to my heart and tummy's content. We were full on glutenous and calories were the furthest thing from my mind! My excuse {y'all know I hate excuses ha} since we've been home pure laziness. There I said it. I'm too lazy to measure my food or make smart choices.

3. Purchase bed frame and bedskirt for new bed. FAIL. Yea it's still nicely sitting on the floor. I've gotten used to it and considering the mess that our bedroom has been in I can't even tell it's on the floor. Yea I suck!

4. Figure out what to do with old queen mattress and bed frame. FAIL. It's still taking up space in one of the guest's rooms which is preventing me from getting in there and hanging new blinds that I have yet to buy. This is just a joke now right?

5. Apply to at least 5 new career positions for the month. This one is a bit weird. So at the beginning of the month, right before we left for our trip I applied to a really cool job. The very next day I was called into my boss's office and offered a promotion! I very well could have declined it, but I had not been having much luck with hearing from any of the jobs I had applied to and I at this point if I'm going to be working there for a while, might as well take the pay raise with it!

6. Have an AMAZING anniversary trip to Charleston! WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WINNING!!!! This goal was obviously met and even exceeded! One of our best vacations yet!!! You've seen one of the updates here, so you know!

7. Send wedding set off to be redipped and soldered together. FAIL. I just can't part with it. Can't. Don't want to. Seriously need to! It needs a good cleaning, not to mention I'm tried of my bands sliding around.

8. Power walk EVERY morning with Reef. FAIL. I am a disaster of a furbaby mom! Since we've been back from Charleston, {to which Baby Reef was spoiled by his puppy-sitter who RAN with him every day} I haven't woken up to do anything but get myself out the door as fast as possible without forgetting to feed the sweet boy!

9. Save more money - $50.00 - $100.00 per paycheck. FAIL. Who am I kidding?! Me? Save? ha okay! Although I know I need to take this more seriously we just had too much fun this month and may have spent more than we should! There is always July right?!

As y'all can see, this month was one for the books, one for the "don't do what this girl does" books! I really thought by sharing these goals with y'all, I'd be more inclined to reach them. Apparently I prefer to sleep in, get fat, and be broke! Oh me, Oh my! As my hubby jokingly says when things are cray cray, "My life is in shambles"! Ah, I'll have to record him saying it one day! It's hysterical and I'm laughing to myself just thinking about it right now. No, for real though, in shambles!

On a lighter note today is Friday, not just any Friday, but a Fanfreakintastic Friday. Why?! Well DUH!!! I've got a hot date tonight with 5 of the hottest men alive! haha kidding kidding, but I do have a movie date with some gal pals to see Magic Mike! Mmmmmm yummy! If you are going tonight HAVE A BLAST!!! And if you aren't going... well maybe your hubbies, boyfriends, or fiances will strip for ya this evening!

Love y'all to pieces and have an AWESOME weekend!! See y'all Monday for a new list of July Mini Goals that I will fail at again!



  1. Haha! This sounds about like me when it comes to achieving "goals". At least we set the goals, right? That's the first step....

    Cheers to July!!!!!!

  2. I had the hardest time parting with my ring but I finally gave it up last month for the exact same thing...redipped and stuck together and it is soooo worth it. I love my rings more than ever. They look so nice together and lined up, I love that they don't spin, and now because I think it is like a thicker base my diamond stays up straight all the time now. Turn it in, you won't regret it!

  3. Haha.. at least you made a list of goals in an attempt to keep them! Probably saying more than a lot of us. Better luck to you next month! Happy Friday and enjoy the movie tonight!


  4. hahahha im laughing at your FAILS. your so funny! the save money one would be the hardest for me! its like impossible! let me know how the movie is!!!! have a great weekend lover!


  5. Just stumbled upon your cute little blog! Your goal list sounds like mine this month!! Charleston is where I'm begging my husby to take me for a little getaway :) Never been but it looks like a neat town.

  6. I can't wait to hear your goals for July - Maybe I'll do some Cousin piggy-backing...since I feel my life is in shambles and can't even possibly think of any at the moment, lol!! Goals are just that -something to achieve, something to work for. Stay positive and keep working and if all else fails recycle them!

  7. Saving is an addiction to me, so I have no issues ;) I try to share how easy it is to everyone, but no one believes me. Good luck for next month!!

  8. I only use My Fitness Pal on days that I eat really healthy, which is about half. The other half I eat to my heart's content and just don't record it. For some reason I don't think that's how the app is supposed tobe used!

  9. I looooove your mini goals idea... I think I may just have to steal it :) Ha