Thursday, June 28, 2012

Carley - Suburban Sweets - Guest Post!

I am beyond excited to introduce yall to Miss Carley! She is new to the bloggin' world as you will soon read and is one absolutely beautiful gal!!! I hope ya'll enjoy getting to know her today! Be sure to check out her daily reads over at Suburban Sweets and leave her lots of love!!  

Hey y’all...Ok, actually we don’t say y’all where I’m from. Let’s start over. Hey all you real housewives’ out there! I am so excited to be guest bloggy bloggin’ for Lauran today! I basically wish I had Lauran’s life- I want to be a Southern Belle! Instead, I am just a girl living in the ‘Crossroads of America’ aka the Hoosier State aka Indiana! When Lauran agreed to have me as a guest blogger I will admit I was a little bit way nervous. Why?

1. I have never been a guest blogger. I am fairly new to this blogging scene and why she would want a rookie on her awesome blog is beyond me!
2. I am not a housewife. I’ve been dating the same guy for 3 years, but that still doesn’t mean I know one ounce of information about being a housewife. While, I am am not a housewife as of yet, I am so excited for when that day comes.

With all that being said, please excuse my nervousness. 
As my introductory post to you all, I have decided to share with you a few of my favorite things about summatime.
And hey, if you like them come around my blog every so often and you’ll be sure to see more of them.
Let’s begin shall we?
1. The beautiful weather! During these summer months you can always find me lounging in my little green raft either in a pool or in a lake.   

2. Summer cocktails. Love me some fruity drinks that are great for cooling off in this summer heat.

3. Cute sandals and wedges. I love a great pair of shoes, but summery colored shoes... out of this world! 
4. Popsicles. There are kind of my guilty pleasure :) 
5. Did someone say summer trends? Weather it be booze, clothes, colors, or just plain ol’ girly things I can’t get enough of them!!
And last, but not least 6. Fun summer trips. Even though I am not in school anymore it still feels like I have to take a trip in the summer. Teal (my boyfriend) and I have been on many, many trips already this summer and I am sure there are more to come!

...Well kids, that’s all I’ve got for now. Thank you for being such a lovely audience. I had so much fun and hope you did too.
If you want to know more about me and my crazy life dating a med student feel free to head over to my blog, email, or tweet me!
And Please stop by A Complete Waste of Makeup to enter my giveaway that is taking place!
Thank you Lauran for allowing me to share myself with your readers! I am forever grateful! 


  1. Such a cute pic in the pool!! I love summertime!

  2. Who doesn't love fruity summer cocktails and flip flops?! Some of my favorites too!

    Welcome to the blogging world! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the lake and summer cocktails! Doesn't get any better! :) Great job on your first guest post!

  4. great list, carley!

    i love the lake and summer cocktails at the lake and pool! and i totally had a popsicle after dinner tonight.