Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Recap!

As many of you are experiencing, the temperatures have been a scorcher which makes me want to do nothing but stay indoors in the air conditioning. That's pretty much what we did this weekend!

Friday evening we did join the hubby's grandmother, mom, aunt, uncle and cousin for dinner. It was nice to be with all of them and catch up. The best part was when Grand was scrolling through photos on my IPhone {she was looking at Baby Reef} and came across a photo of me without ANY makeup on. Her response to said photo "WHOA that is not a good photo of you"! Hahaha if this had been any other person I very well would have been offended, but I've always appreciated Grand's honesty and "say it like it is" attitude. All I really could do was laugh and agree with her as it was a pretty heinous photo!

Saturday, we literally did nothing! Napped for a lot of the day. I mean it was just too hot to do anything but! I mean I guess I could have cleaned a bit but let's be real... who wants to do that?! Not me! That evening we did head out for some sushi and froyo! Saturday evenings are really starting to turn into stellar little date nights! I like it!

Yesterday, we were actually a bit productive! We FINALLY bought the bed frame for our mattress, finally bought a bed skirt, and even bought new sheets and pillows! Yay for sleeping!! I love how the bed is lifted and the room looks more like a Master bedroom and not a college frat house bedroom! We also made a little stop at Pet Smart as Baby Reef has quite an irritating "hot spot" in his private region! The poor pup has licked it raw! We can tell he is ridiculously uncomfortable and I feel beyond bad for him! We picked up some treatment gel for it and I've been cleaning it twice a day and trying to prevent him from messing with it {I'm thinking we are going to have to put an Elizabethan collar on him for a few days}. We also have been giving him Benedryl to help with the itching and irritation! I wish so badly I could be at home with him today! He is such a little cuddle bug when he isn't feeling well and this morning was no exception! It was difficult for me to get up with him curled up next to me!

Havent seen this made in some time!

Comfort! Now we just need a headboard!

No Longer on the Floor!!!!

I've been contemplating going back brunette for the last few weeks now! I like the blonde but it is sooo high maintenance. My roots grow out in two weeks and to me it just begins to look bad after that! Being my natural color is much less work and it has actually grown on me a lot the last few years... maybe that's why I wanted to go back?! Anywho I stopped and picked up a box of color {my stepmother is going to kill me - Love you Wendy!} and got to work last night! I left it on for about an hour and it came out a dirty blondish/brown color! It is lighter than I expected BUT I think it may work well for the summer! I'm sure it will fade in another week so I may be redoing it next week! I have no doubt I'll go much darker once fall arrives, but so far I like it! Now if the hubby would just approve. He likes me blonde! Maybe because I was Barbie blonde when we first met, who knows!

Old Color - Blonde

New Color - Light Brown!

For the Fall!
I'd say we had a pretty uneventful weekend, but I seriously LOVE those kinds of weekends. Hope you lovebugs had an amazing weekend and are having a Happy Monday!!!



  1. The new color looks great on you and I love the brown for the fall! I think everyone has been trying to stay indoors or by air conditioning as much as possible this weekend, I know I have! Have a great week!!

  2. Low key weekends are the best! You look great with all 3 colors:) I tried being blonde for a while too (mine wasn't as pretty as yours) but it was so hard to maintain--back to brunette! Have a great week!

  3. All three colors look amazing on you. Sounds like a perfect weekend.

  4. I love the new hair color! You pull off all 3 colors SUPER well which is pretty awesome! Thanks for your comment about adding my email when I make a comment. I haven't done it yet but def need to so people can reply! I don't like that about blogger! I always feel bad not being able to reply too! Going to check that out now!


  5. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! :)

  6. welp, it's official. you are gorgeous with blonde, light brown and dark brown hair. so, that's always good. I say do whatever is easiest/cheapest (you know me). but this is coming from a girl who is currently wearing a hat out in public because her hair looks so horrid.

  7. Oh my gosh, that's so funny about what his grandmother said! I can appreciate a little honesty every now and then :)

  8. Sounds like a perfect relaxing weekend! The bed looks fabulous & very inviting. I could use a nap. I know exactly what you mean wstaying in bed w your dog. The animals make it so hard to ever wanna leave them! So I love all the hair colors buti am loving the dirty blonde! It really turned out fabulous! Xoxoxo Kelly

  9. Not fair, you look great with all three colors!!! I tried to darken my hair once and I looked totally washed out. You are rocking it with all three! I hope the pup's precious part is feeling better. Poor little guy!! And high five for the mattress being off the floor! Holla! Have a great day!!