Friday, July 6, 2012

Moving On Up!

haha this is hilarious, but I hope is completely untrue for me! 
Okaaay! So I know I've mentioned a few times in the last few weeks that I recently received a promotion at work! I'm pretty excited that I now am able to tell y'all about it!! September will be two years that I have been with my company and this new position is now my third. I started as an Administration Assistant in one department and after a year there, I moved to my current department.

Yes, in my most previous position I was miserable! And I'm still not 100% sold on the inner runnings of my actual company, as the admin assistant position was in the inner department and I was able to see a lot of what occurs and what "doesn't" occur. I don't agree with it all but now that I haven't been in that department for 8 months I really can't say anything or voice my opinion. It's not my place.

So true! haha! 
My current department is ran with the utmost professionalism. My managers are simply THEBOMB.COM. I get along with them very well and see them as my work sisters and not just managers. Yea, most corporate practices say you shouldn't mix business with pleasure {and we don't} but we do chat A LOT about things outside of the office! I go to both of them a lot for advice and opinions and value their expertise in all areas! They do their job the correct way and sometimes I wonder why they aren't running the place! People from other departments come to them with questions about policies, regulations, systems, files... literally everything and they can answer it. They are problem solvers and extremely efficient. Laziness is NOT a quality these ladies possess. They work later hours if need be, they work through lunch, they work and they get their jobs done. I admire that.

Right before I left for our Annimoon, my managers pulled me into their office. They've known since New Years that I have been looking elsewhere for a career. They weren't stoked on it but they knew I would never screw them over and just up and leave and they understood I was looking for something more related to my field of study. While sitting in their office they asked me if I was still actively looking. At this point, I was looking, but wasn't applying nor was I hearing much of anything from positions I had applied to. I told them that. After explaining how my job hunt was going they told me they had a new position becoming available and that they wanted to offer it to me, but only if I was willing to give up my job hunt. I asked if there were incentives. There were! I told them I would give it some thought, talk it over with my hubs, and let them know when I returned from our vacation.

Getting out for that hour is like heaven! Even if I am just going to the post office - which I associate with hell! 
While talking it over with the hubby we both decided I needed to take it. At this point I wasn't getting much feedback, if any, from the jobs I had applied to. Who knows how long I'll be where I am? Might as well take the promotion and incentives while I am here. So that was that. I came back into work after vacation and gladly took the position. I moved my office a week later and started the position last week!

So far so good. I am now the Executive Assistant of my department and I am taking on many responsibilities from the Assistant Manager, while she is taking on many responsibilities of our Manager to help relieve her so she can manage the department better than she already does! One of my biggest tasks is endorsing Loan Notes. We, as a lender, sell mortgage loans to larger lenders, and because of that I have to endorse the note to the new lender. I also have to make sure that the original note was closed correctly, executed by the borrowers correctly, and signed and sealed by the closing attorney correctly. You'd be surprised at how many come back completely screwed up! This takes up a lot of my day as we can get an upwards of 35 files in in one day. I have to not only organize them for our Post Closers {my old position} but I have to track and update them in our computer system, determine when they are due to the big guy investors, and mail the original notes out to each investor. It's very detail oriented. There are also certain loans I have to upload into certain government systems before we can even send it off to the big guy investors. Right now it is a nerve racking position too, because if I screw up, there are consequences that could involve HUGE amounts of money lost for my company! Yea... Pressure is an understatement.

This one is sooo true... at least in our company!!! It's how I snagged my office chair! 
I do think this is a good move right now for me. There is still the stress but I have more control over that in this position, which I like. This is also great for my little family, as a promotion means more moolah in my paycheck. There is potential to advance in this position as I could move up to what my managers do or even into processing or underwriting. I'm feeling good right now but I do want to remain calm and collective. Everything is new and different right now and who's to say in 6 months I'm not miserable again? I hope it doesn't end up that way and that I remain content and fulfilled but for now I'm taking it one day at a time and enjoying this new opportunity and position that I have been blessed with!

Hope y'all are having a fantastic Friday! We don't have any huge plans except for some house projects! Yay for crossing off some goals on my monthly list! Hopefully we will get to see some family too! I'm thinking about hosting family dinners on Sundays so we can see everyone at least once a month! At least that would make me clean my house once a week!



  1. Congrats on the new position girl!!! You will get the swing of things in now time and rock it!

  2. Congrats on the new position. Best of luck

  3. Woo hoo! Congrats on the promotion! I hope you love it!

  4. Congrats on the new position! I was one of those people asking for the deets. Sounds like so far so good and once you get settled into I'm sure you will like it better!

  5. Congrats darlin! So happy for you! :) Happy Friday!

  6. best of luck sweet pea! i start a new job on monday!! that first ecard made me laugh out loud lol those just keep getting better and better! happy fri :)

  7. congrats and good luck girl! have a great weekend!

  8. Congratulations on your promotion! I hope you end up loving it even more than you do now!

  9. Yay! That's so great love!!! I'm so happy you're feeling better about it all. Working somewhere that you loath is never fun. Plus you're not set in stone here. You never know where life will take you within the next year! Always keep your eye out & apply for other jobs. There is nothing wrong w looking for something better! Have a great weekend!! Xoxoxo Kelly

  10. Congrats on the promotion! And I love that you are wanting to host Sunday dinners!! I would so love to do that!! (I need to get my table back though! lol My sis in law has been "using" it while I was working 6 hours from home and we were effectively "homeless" and my hubby living with his parents).

  11. Congrats on the promotion! Like I always say, everything happens for a reason! Keep your chin up and keep doing what your doing. Looks like you are going to keep moving on up!! High five!