Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 2012 Mini Goals!

And here we are... the 8th month of the year! Wow, where has this year gone?! Am I the only one kind of glad that Summer is coming to an end soon?! I'm over the heat... if I can't spend my days on the beach there really is no point in having a summer! Just saying!

I've created my August Mini Goals. Once again there are quite a few that are repeating goals from previous months! As I've said before... maybe I will finally accomplish them if I keep writing them down??

1. Write one handwritten note to someone once a week. I went and bought a planner today from Target and decided that I will write down the person who I am going to send the card to every week. That way I will see it and hopefully send them a thoughtful piece of snail mail!

2. Send wedding set off to be redipped and soldered together. Considering that it is up for its 6 month service... I know this will get done! Need to shop around for a pretty replacement while it's away getting all shiny and new again!

3. Make it a priority to spend more time with ALL of our families. This just needs to happen plain and simple. I will say with divorced families it is more difficult to split our time amongst everyone but we need to see them all waaaay more often. That's that!

4. Attend at least 2 gym classes a week. I've already discussed the schedule with my boss {many of the classes start at 5:30} and she agreed to let me work two days a week from 8 - 4:30. Now if I could just commit. The gym scares me, but I need to get over this fear or I'll end up fat... and I can't have that.

5. Call out of town friends more often to catch up. This is almost just as important as family time. I want my distant friends to know I still love them and appreciate them. What better way to make that apparent than with a phone call! Screw facebook comments and messages... I need some real interaction!

6. Enter more blog contests and Link Ups. This helps find new blogs and new friends. Yes, I've been bogged down with work and haven't been very active in the blog world the last few weeks. Hopefully that will change!

7. Decide on paint color and flooring for kitchen. Maybe I shouldn't have said DECIDE. I should have said start thinking about. Our insurance company is replacing our whole kitchen floor which means we may be starting kitchen updates sooner than later! One thing I have been struggling with is paint colors as I wanted it to match our current flooring. Well... if that flooring is going... I get to start from scratch! I like it!

8. Continuously keep house picked up and vacuumed. {No... I do not know how to spell vacuum apparently}. With all the dog hair, tired evenings, and plain laziness, sometimes the house can get OUT OF CONTROL. I really need to try harder at picking up shoes, filing mail away, and putting clothes in the hamper instead of on top! Not that I keep a messy house all the time, but sometimes I am ashamed to look around at the chaos that it is in!

9. Save more money - $50.00 to $100.00 per pay check. I am going to try this again. TRY being the key word.

10. Complete at least ONE house project. So many things, replace all doors with paneled doors, work on a gallery wall, replace sliding glass doors with French doors, revamp the patio, update the kitchen {of course}, finish details in dining room, hang blinds in 2nd guest room, revamp 1st guest room... etc. Soooo many ideas, not enough time!

Are y'all working on any goals this month?! Anyone have any advice or techniques on how to achieve goals you set for yourself!? I need some serious help!



  1. LOL girl you crack me goal at a time. I put my goals on the bathroom mirror (just hang them there...if you use a dry erase marker, it'll stain into the mirror...yes, I learned that the hard way...LOL) I think all of your goals are extremely realistic, you just have to make the time to do them. Good for you to buy a planner, you could jot some of your goals down in there on specific days. Just don't beat yourself up too bad when you don't accomplish something. Pick yourself back up and try again. :)

  2. i totally agree with #5 and #8! i'm thinking of making a mini goal list for myself soon! you've inspired me :)

  3. I am definitely working on saving money over the next couple months too! I feel so broke lately and it's awful. You can do it with the gym stuff, if you feel confident there you will love it. If you let yourself feel defeated by it then you will hate it, so try to keep that positive attitude baby doll!

  4. Great goals Lauran, I love that you do this-- I set goals in my head but I need to write them down and cross them off--maybe that will make me more productive!

  5. i need to get on the goal wagon, maybe it will help motivate me to do a bit more! i love crossing goals off once i complete them

  6. one of my major goals is to keep the house picked up too. i always want to but we just have such a small space it gets messy quick and then i am stressing to clean everything at one time.

  7. Hey girl! I just found your blog from The Hive and love it :-)

    As far as goal #9 (save more money) goes, I recommend withdrawing that money in cash and stuffing it in an envelope tucked away in your room/house/bathroom/favorite hiding place.

    I started this back in June and already have $300 saved up (I just do $50 and my boyfriend does $50 so we can save up for the next trip we take)!! It really works for me because the money is out-of-sight-out-of-mind.

    Good luck!

    -Ashley (your newest follower)
    The Darling Redhead