Thursday, August 23, 2012

So Surprised I Cried... Go Figure!

I've been waiting and hoping all week that one of my best friend's Tatiana, over at Lipstick and Sippy Cups would post about her "We Set a Date"/Engagement party from this weekend! Mainly because I needed to steal a group photo from her and because I wanted her to talk about it before I did!! Anywho, now that she posted, I can blab away! {Be sure to head over and check out her post! She had the cutest spread and layout and the food was amazing!!!}

So I've known for about two months about the party, as Tat had asked if we had plans that particular day/evening. At that point, I'm pretty sure it was May, so I said NO! Then, dummy me, forgot to write it down and scheduled my wisdom teeth removal two months later for the day before their party! I told her it didn't matter if I had the chubbiest cheeks on the planet and was drooling all over the place - WE WOULD BE THERE! 

Well Saturday rolls around and surprisingly my teeth aren't hurting... BUT I have a mind splitting migraine! I tried everything to get rid of it and after getting sick from the intensity of the pain an hour before we had to leave, I made the decision to send the husband without me. I then laid down with an ice cold compress to my head and neck and dozed off, thankfully to wake up an hour later headache free! I got myself together as quickly as I could and we headed out the door... late... but we were both going! Wooohooo!

Once we got there we were greeted with lots of hugs and hellos! And then Tatiana immediately gave my a pretty little gold bag with hot pink leopard printed tissue paper. I was a bit perplexed as this was not a party for me, but for her! She stood there as I opened it with a huge grin on her face. I'm pretty sure she thought I wasn't opening it fast enough! As I pulled the card out of the envelope, I was greeted with the phrase, "I can't say "I do" without you..." which sent me into immediate tears as I knew what this meant! My dear friend asked me to stand by her side on one of the most important days of her life and be a bridesmaid!! Of course I said yes!!! She also gave the bridesmaids Champagne flutes monogrammed with our initial and tank tops that say Bridesmaid on them!

The Card, The Bag, The Flute! 

The Tank top! SN: She painted the top and the champagne flute herself! 
 You may be wondering why I started to cry, well here goes. Tat and I haven't known each other for years like many close friends. We've actually probably known each other maybe a year and a half, but in that year and a half our friendship has grown into something I can't even fully explain! We both completely get each other. We are very much on the same level with our views, expectations, goals, ideas, etc. It's pretty awesome to meet someone who, other than myself, still sends out snail mail! Tat is pretty flippin' awesome and I am beyond blessed to call her one of my closest, best, loyal, dearest, and genuine friends! I can't wait for all the planning, and parties, and crafts, and dress hunting's and planning and planning and planning we will all be assisting her with in the next year! For her to ask me to be a bridesmaid was beyond flattering and touching to me. Words can't even begin to explain how grateful I am for her and her friendship.

The Maids with the Bride
Annnd just in case you were wondering we didn't arrive to the party empty handed. Remember how I mentioned that I was working on a large craft last week? Well yea... it was for Tatiana and Kevin! Many of y'all don't know this but I paint on glass! I've created lots of wine glasses and serving platters and I usually give them as Engagement gifts, Bachelorette Party Favors, Showers, and sometimes Wedding gifts. I've even sold a few too! We also threw in a bottle of Jack Daniels and Three Olives Vodka since it was a Stock the Bar party. And I can't forget, since Tat is a huge new lover of Tervis Tumblers, their very own pair of Bride and Groom cups! 

Monogrammed Platter with New Last Name Initial and Year of Their Wedding! 

Best Cups on the planet!!! If you don't know, now you know!

I know I won't be writing too much about Tat's wedding planning process as I want that to remain private for her! But I have no doubt I share what I feel is appropriate!! Have a Terrific Thursday!!! Almost to Friday - y'all can do it!!!



  1. I love the platter!! Look at you go!

    Y'all will have so much fun this next year planning!

  2. Love that platter! And I love all the work she did on the flutes and shirts, they are so pretty! Congrats to her, and I hope she knows she's awfully lucky to have you.

  3. aww how sweet!! What a fun way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid!

  4. so cute! And love those Tervis Tumblers- we've been married over a year now- and I still use my bride cup!

  5. So cute! I can't wait for my best friend to get married!!

    The Darling Redhead

  6. Aw! Congratulations on being a bridesmaid!! It;s always such a shock and honor!! I've only done it once. Glad you were able to make the party, despite the wisdom teeth removal