Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day beauties!!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far!! I can't complain! I've had loads of energy and have felt quite productive this week!! Not to mention I have so much to love and appreciate! That always makes for a great week right?! Here's what I'm loving this week!

1. Going to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green with my momma and our family friend Nancy! Since seeing previews for this movie, I knew I REALLY wanted to see it, however, I also knew it would be hard to drag the hubby to the theater to watch it. Luckily, a local theater has $5.00 Tuesday Night Movies for the summer! Mom, myself, and my late grandfather's girlfriend Nancy, met last night to see it! Warning: You will cry! And if you are a hormonal mess as I am, you will cry from start to finish! It was an inspirational movie and you will leave the theater wanting to live better and be better. It also made me appreciate my quirks and accept them despite what the world and other people say about them! It was a feel good movie and I left feeling like the world could definitely be a better place, or I could at least try my hardest to make it a better place! I also really enjoyed spending time with my mom and Nancy!

2.  Out-the-Door top coat! I found this awesome top coat on another blog MONTHS ago and now I am mad at myself because I can't remember whose blog I found it on! I really wanted to give them credit! It is by far the best top coat EVER and I have even turned some ladies on at work to it! I painted my toes 3 weeks ago and they have YET to chip... with a beach visit in the sand and shoes that typically scratch off the paint. It also makes my manicures last much longer... about 5 days as opposed to a day or two! You can find it at Sally's for around $6.00! Go out now and get some and you're very welcome in advance!!

3. My Best Friend coming to visit! I met Lauren when I attended George Mason some 9 years ago and have been friends ever since! We don't see each other nearly enough and phone conversations are few and far, but when we talk it's like we talk everyday! Well, I am estatic to say, that she is coming into town this weekend for a much needed visit!!! Can't wait for a wine night and lots of catching up!!! Love to my L-squared!

4. Making it to Zumba three nights this month! This is pretty awesome right?! I've been extremely proud of myself for going the last three Monday nights! I've been able to keep up during the hour class, however, looking like I have it together? Not so much! Haha I never realized how uncordinated I really am until taking this class! It is so much fun though and I feel so great after I am finished! It's a stellar feeling leaving feeling refreshed and worn out all at the same time!

5. This quote that I saw on Philosophy's Facebook page! No explanation needed!

What are all of you loving this week?!



  1. I cannot wait to see that movie. I just know that I will love and am so glad to hear that it's as good as I hoped it would be!!

    And super proud of your Zumba classes! I made it to spin class last night for the first time in forevs... Props to us!

  2. You are kicking Zumba's booty and I'm proud!! :) Yay for BFF time! Mine lives 3 hours away so I feel ya. It's always such a great time when we get to spend a weekend together! Enjoy!

  3. That's so funny that you went to George Mason! I got my master's degree there in 2009!! :)