Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Well well lookie here at the middle of the week! Who's ready for a three day weekend?! This girl right here is most definitely looking forward to it!!! In honor of good ole Hump Day... here is what I am loving!

1. Getting our new roof! Who thought getting a new roof could excite someone so much?! Well lets face it, I'm married, a homeowner, a 27 year old, and a puppy momma, meaning... I am a full fledged adult! Things like new roofs, new appliances, and home updates REALLY excite me! Not to mention it has been raining it's booty off around here for the last couple of weeks and I'm relieved to know my new roof will keep us dry for years to come!

2. Having a Guest Blogger this week! Yep, that's right!!! Be sure to visit tomorrow to meet my lovely friend Emily! She is crazy intelligent {as you will learn}, beautiful, sweet, and still basking in a three year honeymoon glow! I have a feeling y'all will love her!

3. New reading material! I'm a little late on jumping on the Hunger Games train. I've passed up several opportunities to buy the first book in the last few weeks. I blame this on the fact that I seriously have a problem with spending money on myself {WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?}. Anywho, one of my manager's brought in all three Hunger Game books to me yesterday! I've already started book one and have a feeling I will be starting book two here shortly!

4. Mrs. Britt's {The Magnolia Pair} Birthday! Britt was one of the first bloggers I started following when I joined this fun creative world! She is a total doll, has killer fashion sense, and has a huge sweet soul! From what she writes, I've learned that her and I are more a like than I can believe! Who knew there was someone else out there who felt very much like I do! Anywho today is her BIRTHDAY! Birthday's are a pretty big deal in my opinion! It's a day just for you! So Happy Birthday Britt!!! Hope your day has been extra special and that your darling hubby treated you extra fabulously!!!

5. Last night's episode of White Collar! If you aren't a fan of the show or don't watch it for that matter... you should!!! Other than Matt Bomer being a serious scrumptious piece of eye candy the story lines are great! There is lots of drama, suspense and comedy! Last night's episode being one the funniest I have seen! I had to try not to laugh so loud for fear of waking my hubby, but I was literally rolling! I don't want to give anything away in case some fans haven't seen it yet but it was definitely a hoot!

The opening scene of one of the funniest scenes ever! 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!!! Not too much longer and that glorious three day weekend will be here!!! 



  1. I have never seen White Collar! Hooray for a new roof!

  2. I have never seen White Collar! Hooray for a new roof!

  3. New roofs rock! ;) Especially if it keeps you rain-free. Happy Birthday to Britt! :) And yay for Thursday (since its 12:06am my time and 1:06am your time). ;) xoxo

  4. hey girl! thanks for the shout out! you are too sweet! :)

  5. How did I forget White Collar??? I'm missing Mr. Hotness--totally have to catch up--yay, something to look forward to!!;)
    I loved the Hunger Games.. and hooray for a new roof!
    PS Happy b-day to your pal!

  6. OMG- Hubs and I just started watching "White Collar" on Netflix and we're hooked. Me, mainly b/c of Matt Bomer.. he is seriously beautiful! Hubs joked that I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much if I didn't have him to look at and I quickly agreed. To which he replied.. I mean, he is pretty good-looking so I can't blame you. Haha!

  7. Um could you be any sweeter? I seriously just love you to pieces for this sweet shout out! Why can't we live closer? Okay, this really cheered me up, I hope you know that. Seriously this week has been so ridiculous that I forgot it was my bday at times. Thank you for making my entire day awesome :) LOVE YOU GIRL!!

  8. I have just started watching white collar on net flix after seeing you mention it before and I am so hooked!

  9. It’s so great to see how excited you are about a new roof! Some people might not think much of it, but getting yourself a new roof means you are taking care of your home, and having a home that’s TRULY your own can’t help but make you feel all grown up! Why did you need to get a new roof? What material did you choose for it? How long did the builders take to put the roof on?

    Galliena Gornet

  10. I totally agree with what Galliena said about getting a new roof! Striking out on your own and being a truly independent adult is validated by things like getting your own home and fixing up your roof. I love the dark gray color of it; I think it goes great with the mocha bricks of the walls. How long did it take for the contractors to finish the construction of your new roof? And was it covered by your insurance, or did you have to pay for everything out of your own pocket?

    Sarai Loftis

  11. Having a new roof is a good news! I felt happy too when we finally had a new roof. It assured me that under any weather condition, we are safe and sound in our home. Anyway, congrats on your new roof!

    -Hugh Dinatale

  12. I watch White Collar too! It’s a great series. I’m still waiting for the series to continue. January seems like a very long time to wait. Congrats on your roof by the way! Good thing you had your roof now before the really cold season starts.

    Pleasance Faast

  13. That’s a good point. People’s points of view and insights change as they mature. Who would have cared about how our house looked or how pretty the kitchen was are when we were teenagers? I bet all of us wondered where our Moms get the passion for all of those things. Now we finally get to understand why. Congratulations on your new roof!

    Willie Norman