Thursday, August 30, 2012

Emily - Paging Dr. Grace - Guest Post

So very excited to introduce yall to Emily from Paging Dr. Grace! I first starting following Emily after reading a guest post she wrote about her honeymoon. What perked my interest was that she and her hubs went to Cabo! Well so did my hubby and I! The real kicker though... they stayed in the SAME ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT as we did! Too bad they were there three years before us!! Anywho, Please enjoy and be sure to leave her lots of love!!! 

Hello! I'm Emily, and I blog over at Paging Dr. Grace.

I'm a twenty-something girl who married the love of my life, TJ, a little over three years ago. TJ has put up with me throughout my four years of medical school, three years of family medicine residency, and we're now embarking on my one year of fellowship for sports medicine. I blog about our daily lives, my DIY endeavors, running, cooking and baking, and anything else I feel the need to share! Come visit me!


Today, I want to share with you my top moments of the summer. I actually had a little bit of a "summer vacation" since I was off work for a month between finishing residency and starting fellowship. Trust me when I say I took full advantage of it!

I'm not sure if I should really count it as part of the summer, but graduating from my family medicine residency was pretty sweet. That day was a long time coming, and I'm one step closer to finally being a real doctor with a real job.

The Olympics! My hubby and I had so much fun watching the Games every night. Most nights, I stayed up way too late, but there were a few evenings that sleep won over the Olympics. Thankfully, I have a super sweet husband who left me detailed notes in the morning!

notes to watch stuff on our dvr

his comments are priceless :)

Pitbull concert in Chicago. TJ and I drove a few hours north on July 27th to enjoy some good music right on Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful night, a great concert, and we danced for hours!

Weekend at Cedar Point! TJ and I love roller coasters, and we had a fabulous time riding crazy roller coasters all day long. If you love roller coasters and live anywhere near Sandusky, Ohio, you need to go!

0 to 120 in 4 seconds, then up 420 feet in the air! so much fun!

And my favorite thing we did this summer...go to Europe! TJ, my parents, and my brother went to London, Paris, and Normandy for 10 days at the end of June/beginning of July. It was amazing, and I cannot wait to go back!

at the top of the Eiffel Tower

top of the Arc de Triomphe

visiting Pointe du Hoc {one of the US landing sites} in Normandy

English Channel

in front of Tower Bridge


Thanks, Lauran, for having me over today! Hope y'all will stop by and say hello!

xo, emily


  1. Love! Congrats Emily on your success, personally and professionally! What a beautiful life! :)

  2. Can she be an cuter and a smart cutie at that!!! Congrats on making it through medical school! I am impressed! ;)

  3. Looks like you had an amazing trip! I love the black trench coat.

  4. Congrats Emily on all of your life accomplishments!! So glad you were able to take a month off to enjoy life!! Loved your pictures!!