Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012 Mini Goals Roundup!

Once again we are saying goodbye to yet another month of this year! I mean seriously where is the time going?!?! Do you realize Christmas is less than 4 months away?! Oh dear me! I don't even want to think about that! Something I do like thinking about?! College football season has officially started!!!! Gooooo Hoooookkkkkiiiiieeeeeessssss! Okay Okay, enough of me cheering! I know y'all are dying to find out how I failed miserably at my goals this month! I am actually pretty proud of myself this month as I was able to accomplish a few things I've been trying to do for months!!

1. Write one handwritten note to someone once a week! Win Win Win! I finally accomplished this and hope to carry it out for months to come! I wrote a total of four notes and the fifth is going out today! I received the most heart warming and sweet messages from each person thanking me for making their day so bright! It seemed too, that they all received their notes at a point when they really needed some encouragement! It warmed my soul to know I made them feel better! It's the least I can do, to let others know how loved and appreciated they are.

2. Send wedding set off to be redipped and soldered together! Another win for the books! I dropped my beauties off almost 2 weeks ago! I hate the feeling of my naked finger and have been sporting my promise ring in its place! One thing is for sure, I can't wait to get my gems back! I don't like looking down at my hand and not seeing them!

3. Make it a priority to spend more time with ALL of our families! I'd say this is a sorta win! We spent a three day weekend in Emerald Isle with Todd's mom's family. My mom came over to take care of me when I had my wisdom teeth removed and she came over another afternoon/ evening! I even visited my sister one day at her work. We failed to see Todd's dad or my dad but I hope to change that soon! If you are from a divorced family you know how difficult it can be to split time amongst everyone and still have time for ourselves. This will always be something I strive for.

4. Attend at least two gym classes a week! This was a half win as well! My mom gave me a good point to not set the bar to high so that I could actually follow through with my goal! Instead of two classes a week I did one, and I stuck with it! I picked Zumba on Monday nights and have gone every Monday this month except for the first week of August, as I was still trying to figure out what classes to attend! I have really enjoyed Zumba! It is a killer work out and I leave the gym literally drenched! It's a great feeling and I hope it's something I continue to do for myself!

5. Call out of town friends more often to catch up! Failed. I called one friend who even came into town to visit. I really need to try harder at this! It's just too easy to not call with you have Facebook, Twitter, Texting and Email! Sometimes though, I need real voice interaction.

6. Enter more blog contests and Link Ups! I did one Link Up and entered 0 contests! FAIL! How am I supposed to get any cool stuff if I don't enter contests? Exactly.

7. Decide on paint color and flooring for kitchen! This has been put on the back burner since our roofing quotes came in WAY over the entire check the insurance company gave us for ALL the repairs. We did get the roof replaced, but the ceiling damage and the floor will be coming out of our pocket. It shouldn't cost us much to fix but it explains why we are putting the floor on hold. It's the least of our concerns since there is nothing wrong with it.

8. Continuously keep the house picked up and vacuumed! I've done a much better job at keeping things picked up. Baby Reef is now staying in the house uncrated {more on that later} and while he doesn't mess with things AT ALL I still don't leave things lying around unattended just in case he were to get bored while we are at work! I could stand to have vacuumed more but we don't have tumble weeds of yellow lab hair floating around, so for now, I'll just assume it's okay!

9.Save more money - $50.00 to $100.00 per pay check! HaHa this one just makes me laugh! It is definitely the hardest goal to accomplish!

10. Complete at least ONE house project! Would you consider the roof a house project?! If so than I win! If not, I failed. Your choice!

I feel really great this month about my accomplishments and I am excited to cross a few things off the list that don't need repeating! I know many of y'all have decided to make goals for yourselves! How did y'all do?!?! Can't wait to hear!

Hope y'all have a fantastic Friday and a safe and spectacular Labor Day Weekend! Can't believe summer will officially be over next Tuesday! Make sure to wear all the white you can before then! Yes, I follow the know white pants/white shoes/white blazers & jackets after Labor Day rule! Call me "Old Timer" if you will, I just can't do it. It just feels wrong!



  1. HI! BTW I love Reading Your Posts!! I also Nominated you for an Award.. Go Check it Out and see if you want to play along! :)

  2. Oh man I need to follow in your footsteps and make monthly goals. I love that you write notes to people. So sweet!

  3. Sounds like you are doing good to me ;) I totally count the roof as a house project...That's a BIG house project!

  4. You're a busy girl! Sounds like you did a great job to me:)

  5. Wow! You go girl! Great goals, and great accomplishments! You've inspired me to give these monthly goals some thought...thanks for that!

  6. Congrats on some of your accomplishments! I knew you'd love Zumba! It's soooo fun!

  7. Keep up the great work! I count the roof re-do as a major house project..I mean really...the entire top of your house came off and was replaced with a brand new top. Definitely a major house project. ;) And I love getting snail mail and sending it!! I signed up for a pen pal project through another blog and am having so much fun with it! I have a pen pal in California and one in the Philippines. So cool!!