Monday, September 3, 2012

September 2012 Mini Goals!

Happy Happy Happy Labor Day Loves!!! Hope you all are having a fabulous day off from work! It's a bit dreary here today so I've been paying bills, organizing our office desk, washing clothes, and obviously working on this blog post!! Nothing like an extra relaxing day in the week!

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty proud of what I accomplished last month as far as my goals were concerned! Now that I am really starting to cross things off, I'm running full steam ahead with lots of willingness and dedication! Here is what I have set my self up to achieve for the month of September!

1. Add a second gym class to my weekly gym routine and continue going to Zumba. You know last month I decided to attend one class a week so I would make myself stick to it! Since I did, I am now going to add a second class! I've really enjoyed Zumba and the work out it has given me. This second class is called Cardio and Dance which apparently is a "dancy dancy" type class like Zumba, BUT you also use equipment to help tone your body! A new friend in Zumba was telling me how much she enjoyed it! I am going this Thursday and have no doubt I'll report on it sometime after that!

2. Enroll Baby Reef in Doggie Daycare once a week. I've been looking at lots of Doggie Daycare's in our area here lately! Baby Reef loves other dogs and he loves to play and sometimes I feel really bad that we don't give him as much doggie interaction as he probably needs! There is a Daycare down from my office that I plan on visiting  this week! I think putting him in once a week will really help him to learn how to interact with other pups and it will be a way for him to get his energy and playfulness out!

3. Be sure to get to work on time EVERY morning. I don't know about all of y'all, but I am not a morning person. I can hit my snooze button for an hour! Actually I do hit it for an hour! I wait till the absolute last minute to get out of bed! I think half the time I look like a bum at work, because I literally have NO time to iron clothes, put half of my makeup on, or run a brush through my hair! Sad right? Because of this "can't get out of bed" disease, I am usually always five minutes late for work! Luckily I have a pretty awesome boss, but I think now it just shows her a lack of disregard when I walk in late. No I can't help the traffic, but I can help getting my butt out of bed and out the door on time.

4. Work on revamping/redecorating guest room #1 and complete it. Now that we have the King bed in our room I've been trying to figure out what to do with our Queen bed. I finally decided I want to put it into our first guest room, which means I will have to get a new bed set to fit it, which also means I may finally be able to finish redecorating the room and changing the look to something a bit more mature and elegant.

5. Start and Finish three Pinterest craft projects, both general and Holiday related. I have lots of fall decorating ideas that I have found on Pinterest and a few general crafts to do as well! I really want to deck our home out with pumpkins and apples and all things Fall, not to mention there are a couple of wedding related crafts I want to complete with photos and cards from our wedding! Hopefully I can make this happen!

6. Continue writing notes and sending them through "snail mail". I am sooooooo glad I was finally able to accomplish this last month and I want to keep it up, hence why it's on my list again. It's something that makes me feel good and I like that feeling!

7. Enter more Blog Contests and market myself more! "Get out and get social". I have really slacked off with marketing my blog and I need to get back into promoting it on social media! I also really need to work on my interaction with other bloggers! I comment, I email, and I tweet to other gals, but not as often as I would like to! I won't lie, working at a dual monitor computer all day really makes me not want to sit at my computer when I get home! I need to work on this though even if it's only for 30 minutes a day!

8. Complete one house project for the month. I have a LONG list of house projects that I would like to complete. I think starting with one a month is good! Not that we are selling our home anytime soon, but we know this isn't our forever home. If I can go on and do all these projects and updates now, at least we will have a little time to enjoy them all as ours before we put our home on the market!

9. Spend more time with family! I mean this is just important to me! Really Really important.

10. Two personal and private goals for myself. I'd like to think I'm pretty forward and honest in my posts, but I do believe there are somethings that don't need to be made totally public, as in posted on the internet for EVERYONE to read. I have two goals that have really been eating at me to try and achieve so I've decided to work on them this month! If you're curious to know what they are please feel free to email me in private! I'll be glad to share my struggles on achieving these goals on more private level!

I know some of you are starting Mini Goals of your own!! I could not be more excited that I have inspired others to partake in this! I think it's a great way to boost confidence in yourself and do "feel good things" for you and other people around you! Not to mention it's a great way to make sure things get accomplished and not pushed to the back burner! Please feel free to share your Mini Goals! I would looooove to hear them!!!

Have a fantastic Holiday!!! Yay for 4 day work weeks! Annnnnd good luck to all those teacher's going back to school tomorrow!!



  1. I haven't put my goal list for the month together yet, but I will post them sometime later this week! You have a lot of great goals, and I hope you can accomplish just as many as you did last month! Not sure what your personal goals are, but good luck with those too!

    and yes, 4 day work weeks are awesome!

  2. I love that you put yourself out there and share your monthly goals...and you come back at the end of the month and share how you did. Smart cookie, you are. ;) I'm cheering for ya!!
    I don't know that I have too many goals to achieve each biggest goal is to keep my hubby on track with our 2 year goals. (Get completely out of debt...all we have left is our business debt). If I could just "control" him for the next 2 years we'd have it made...alas, that is not how it works. lol

  3. new[est] follower. can't wait to keep reading along!

    stop by sometime!

  4. Hi! I would like to start following your blog, if you don't mind :) [I am fairly new to the blog world.] I also live in VA, btw. I love your goal list for each month, such a great idea. I want to start one of my own. And Zumba, girl, I love it... obsessed and addicted! I've been going about a year and half and I can't see myself ever stopping. Keep it up! :)