Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Whew, what a weekend! It was a good one to say the least but as always, it went by too fast! It had a mix of fun and relaxation, which is much needed considering the rest of the month and basically the entire month of October are booked solid!

Friday night the hubby took me out for a random sushi date! I'm pretty sure he was treating me to dinner out since we actually cooked dinner every night last week AND to say "sorry" for the fact that Fall Ball has started and now my Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings are spent at home without him! Lucky for me, I added my other gym class on Thursdays AND I have a blate tomorrow night, so that leaves only Wednesday of being home a lone this week! The hubby knows not to apologize for his love of ball! It's his thing... believe it or not... I like a few hours to myself. Allows me to work on my bloggy here and just catch a breather or two... ALONE!
Finally after almost 3 weeks of being without it, I got my wedding sparkle all soldered and cleaned, back! I feel whole again! Or at least not naked! 

Anywho, after our scrumptious sushi date, we Redboxed... duhn duhn duhhhhhn... The Hunger Games! I actually really enjoyed it! It wasn't completely how I had envisioned in my imagination but it actually clarified a few things for me! The hubby ended up enjoying it too... once the "killings" started to occur! How morbid!? I definitely think I'll be buying it on DVD!

Saturday morning we went to watch my 9 year old Brother -in-laws... {yes I said it right.... I have a 9 year old Brother-in-law} first football game! Like Todd, he has been drilled with Baseball all 9 years of his life, and we can already tell he is going to like Football a heck of a lot better! They are beyond cute in all of their gear and resembles bobble heads while trying to hold up those helmets on their skinny little bodies! His team ended up winning which made it that much more worthy, considering it was hot as the dickens Saturday! I'm pretty sure I lost 15 pounds just standing their watching!

My Brother-in-laws football team! The MoHawks... and that ole man on the field happens to be my Father -in-law! He says he's the coach but Im pretty sure all I saw was him being the Water Boy! ha! 
After the game, we came home and cleaned out my little old Civic and then I drove it up to the car wash to have it cleaned inside and out as we were taking it to get appraised! It was probably the cleanest it has ever been since I bought it over seven years ago! We took it to Car Max first, where they appraised it in about 30 minutes! They gave us a decent deal considering the damage to my front and back bumpers {damn those trees that pop up out of nowhere!}. Once we received that offer we headed to a Volvo dealership where we had found the XC60 that we have been searching for for the last 3 months! They appraised my car, matched Car Max's offer, and before I knew it we were owners of a new car! Holy Crap right?! I still can't believe it and I've been driving it for two days! I'm really glad we took our time on finding what we wanted because in the end we got the best deal possible! Patience is a virtue, right? I'd like to think so! Non-the-less the vehicle is everything I hoped it would be and more and now that we've upgraded to a crossover SUV, the baby questions are coming! Well guess what folks.... the baby plans have not changed and we are not planning for one anytime soon! Plus, Baby Reef isn't ready to share his momma and daddy with someone else anyway. He told me that the other night!

Saying Peace Out to the Civic. Truth be told, I got teary eyed as I walked away. That car has been through A LOT with me! Lots of memories I'd like to remember and forget! 
Our new set of wheels!!! Technically my new set of wheels, but the hubby is allowed to drive it every now and again!

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day. The hubby had to work a few hours that morning and I was just starting to enjoy my morning cup of coffee when he got home! While out working, he noticed that Kroger was having a special on 6 packs of beer so he grabbed my Kroger card, my new car, and headed out to get some beverages, all before 11 am! I'm not a huge beer drinker but I am a huge pumpkin fan so he picked up Blue Moon's Pumpkin Beer and Wood Chuck's Pumpkin Cider for me and then two other "flavors" for him! I have had the Blue Moon Pumpkin before and it really does taste like a pumpkin pie, minus the sugar. The Wood Chuck on the other hand, I was kind of disappointed in! I was expecting pumpkin pie but instead got... well I don't really know... it tasted like wildflowers to me! ha! It's not bad, just not pumpkin! After our beer tasting, we watched my Redskins win, took the traditional Sunday afternoon naps and then grilled burgers for dinner after our weekly trip to the grocery store to pick up food for dinner this week! 
We are not raging alky's I promise!!! 
Baby Reef enjoying the perfect weather!!! 
Did y'all have stellar weekends?! I'm hoping to work on a few house things this upcoming Sunday, but I'm not holding my breath! I may just cruise around in my new set of wheels if the weather permits!



  1. Lovvvvve the new car!!! Congrats, girl!!

  2. 1. I'm pretty sure we have the same stove.

    2. Yay for new cars...I love my crossover SUV!

    3. Having a couple hours of alone time is nice...let's me sit on the couch for a little bit, catch up on blogs, and get dinner started all before my hubby gets home!

  3. LLLLOOOOVVVVEEE your new ride!! I am so J!!

  4. Love your new car, I can't wait to get a new one! (one day..ha!)

  5. Whoa girl, that's a busy weekend! LOVE your new ride:)

  6. Sounds like a fab weekend! LOVE the new car.. congrats :) Hubs is a business owner and aallwwaayyss busy so I hear ya on the evenings alone sometimes. But like you, I kind of enjoy them. Gives me time to get things done and piddle around the house!