Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy HUMP DAY {Nikki B. that's all for you}, actually it's for everyone but Nikki appreciates my capital letters and we enjoy inappropriate innuendos! I hope you all are having fabulous weeks so far! My week has been pretty darn stellar and I'm very much looking forward to our weekend coming up!!! What are y'all loving this week?! Well, here is what I'm loving!

1. The fall temperatures we have been experiencing this week in ole Hampton Roads! Today is supposed to be in the lower 80's but yesterday and Monday the temps were in the 70's and it was AMAZEBALLS! The mornings have actually been chilly and I had to use my seat warmers today in the ride!
It doesnt look like this yet.... but I cant wait till it does!
2. My blate last night with Ashlyn from Let it Be Beautiful! Love this girl to pieces! We enjoyed Starbucks, chatted about life, talked about design options for my new blog, and grabbed Chipotle for dinner! We may or may not have had to divert ourselves away from a drunken wacko too! Perfect little gals date night if I do say so myself minus that wack job though!

3. Reflecting on 9/11. I failed to write a post yesterday, because I just didn't know what to say. I wanted it to be a tribute to 9/11 but every time I went to write, I just couldn't form the words. So instead I spent the day reading everyone else's reflections, watching recaps of that tragic event that changed our history books, and reading news article after article. I still cry reading, watching and hearing about it. I still remember where I was when it happened. I still pray for all of those who were effected by this horrible insane event. I am an emotional person as it is and this literally can send me over the edge to the point that I had to turn off the Today show and take a break from reading every one's personal reflections. Every one's words for amazing and beautiful and beyond reflective and honoring to such a history changing event!

4. My current read, Amazing Gracie. I'm pretty sure this book will send me into tears at some point, as it kind of already has. It's another inspiring doggy story and I can't wait to read more! The first night I started I couldn't put it down! Gracie is a deaf, albino, Great Dane, and this is a story about how she inspired those around her! How could you not enjoy a read like that?

5. Baby Reef's first day of school! Yes, we enrolled Reef in doggie daycare last week and his first day was today! We only have him scheduled for once a week which I think will be good to start with. We are not sure if we will increase it or not... maybe later on in the coming months. Who knows?! He seemed really excited when we got there and they took him to the back so fast, I hardly had time to say goodbye! Probably a good thing as I got teary eyed {once again} when I got in the car! I hope he is having a blast and making new friends! I can't wait to pick him up after work and hear all about how he did!

On his way to his first day of school!



  1. Hope Reef does well in school! ;)

    I'm loving that the temperatures are finally cooling down, we're getting lots of mid-70s during the day and low 60s at night in Ohio. LOVE!

  2. Aww baby Reef! Can't wait to hear how he liked his day care.
    So jealous of your blate, I want to have one!

  3. hahaha I LOVE YOUUUUUU! Thanks for the shoutout lady! I'm so jealous of your blates with Ashlyn - I want to meet you both. How long would it take me to drive from Knoxville to meet you for dinner?? haha I hope baby Reef had a great day at doggy day care!

  4. Baby Reef is no longer a baby! School ... Yay!

  5. I hope Reef had a fun day at doggie day care!! :) And I wish I lived closer so we could blate too! ;)
    I didn't write a reflection post about yesterday cause I just don't have the words to describe what I felt/feel. I did enjoy reading others reflections and also get emotional doing so. xoxo

  6. Yay, that you went on a blate with Ash! She is the best! Sounds like a fun time! Can't wait to see the new design. And it is going to be in the mid 70's for the high here on Saturday!! I may just have to break out my riding boots! ;)

  7. Aw how adorable...doggy day care! I'm sure he had a blast!