Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I was so surprised with how many bloggers actually participated in yesterday's Blogger Day of Silence in honor of the precious children and victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy! There were sooooo many of us who participated and I am so proud of the blogging community for this! Healing will happen, one step at a time, one moment at a time, one prayer at a time.

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Now that I'm back to blogging full time, I could not be more excited to get back to WILW! Ready to see my list?! Me too!!

1. All the thoughtful phone calls, texts, blog comments, instagram comments, and facebook posts I received Monday, in honor of my 28th birthday! I felt so loved and appreciated by all of you and I am extremely grateful for everyone who thought of me on my special day!

2. The plans to purge and redecorate our home after Christmas! I adore our home, but much of our decor followed us from our apartment that I first moved into 6 years ago. To say my tastes have changed is an understatement! I'm planning on going a more classic route with french influences speckled throughout! If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll see a whole board dedicated to 'New Home Decor'. Purging is a necessity! We are at max capacity in this house and if I receive one more knick knack I may just flip!

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3. My continuous effort to gain more experience in PR and Marketing to land a new job in the future! About a month ago, I finally decided I needed to beef my resume up to appeal to hiring managers and companies in the PR and Marketing field. Yes, it's what I majored in and studied in school, but they don't care about that! They want the hands on experience... and... well... I'll be the first to tell you, landing a job without the experience is nearly impossible! After mulling over ideas I finally decided I would volunteer my extra time {what extra time?} and help organizations/ companies with PR and/or marketing work! I just finished working with VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads on a campaign to help them win a $7,000 grant! Unfortunately, I floundered! Or at least I feel I did as they won 4th place, however, they did win a $2,000 grant so I assume that is better than nothing at all! I plan to continue to help them when I'm needed! I am also currently in the process of helping a local photographer as her acting PR representative. I have a lot of research and work ahead of me but I am looking forward to working with her! Lastly, starting in January, I will be helping the PR division of YAAA! Hampton Roads {Young Adults for Alzheimer's Awareness}. I know I will be extremely busy in the next few months but I am looking forward to it because I know the outcome will be more than my little heart desires!

4. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expecting!!! I know this news is a few weeks old but holy moly I am so excited for them!!! While I do wish they had waited a wee bit longer {so her and I could be pregnant together} after watching TLC's A Royal Baby Story I have a new understanding of the pressures they are under to produce another heir to the throne. I think for American's it is difficult to totally comprehend the monarchy, their traditions and expectations. Ultimately it is Will and Kate's decision and I think they are perfectly capable of making the decisions that are right for them! I know having a boy is preferred but I secretly {not so secret now} hope they have a little girl! It doesn't really matter what they have because of the rule change that even if it's a girl she can still take the throne! Girls rule and boys drool!

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5. The world Darling! I seriously believe I am going to make this my new favorite word, next to Fabulous of course. What is it about Dah-ling? It sounds sophisticated, endearing, eloquent! Classic as it gets! I do believe hunny is being replaced with Darling... asap! Now if only I had the English accent to accompany this beautiful word!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! I've been busy starting and finishing up Christmas shopping! I have already promised myself that I will not wait this late next year! WIll NOT!

XoXo my Darlings!!!


  1. i am REALLY hoping that the royal baby is a girl... can you imagine how cute kate would dress her?! i mean, really.

  2. Good luck with the PR- experiences!! You'l do great!! And I can't wait to buy a house and decorate it!! Also happy belated birthday!!!