Thursday, January 10, 2013

January's Second Sponsor Guest - Meet Jill!

I've been acquainted with Jill for some years now as y'all will learn below and in recent months we have really connected over our eagerness to build our blogs and learn the ropes of newlywed living! Jill is beyond sweet, an extremely hard worker, and one serious fashionista! See my little blurb to the left about trying to find my inner fashionista? Well I owe that to Jill! Following her on Instagram and her blog has really inspired me to be more creative with my wardrobe! She inhibits a classic style but always adds her own piece of fun and flair to make it uniquely hers not to mention she's a true beauty both inside and out, which is a class all its own. Enjoy meeting Jill...

Hey lovlies! I'm really excited to be guest posting for Lauran, as she has a really inspiring approach to blogging and a tremendous appreciation for her loyal readership. I feel honored to be here with you all today! I've known Lauran since our college days at George Mason University, and while we were acquaintances on campus, we've become friends since graduating, as we've both leaned on one another for blog inspiration and footing! And being a very recent newlywed myself, I've found Lauran's take on matrimony refreshing and fun!

Growing up in what Bostonians like to call the 'dirty water', I decided to venture out of Massachusetts when looking at universities, and ended up in the dirty south for college! While most Northern Virginia folks consider themselves more Washingtonians than Southerners, as a Bostonian, anywhere past Maryland is south for me! I ended up falling in love with Virginia and the Washington DC area during my collegiate years, and stuck around town after college, landed a career in Public Relations & Marketing and met the love of my life, who just recently became my husband in October! We had a lovely wedding up in Boston, a day that will forever be imprinted on my heart and in my memory, and a fabulous honeymoon in Italy! As a new wife who has been having so much fun redecorating our home, navigating a career and gaining some traction with this whole blogging thing, I could say I've been staying pretty busy lately! I hope you'll hop on over to my blog Dirty Water, Dirty South for lifestyle & fashion inspiration as well as recommendations in both the Washington DC and Boston area, if you ever have the chance to visit! 

Now, let's dive right in, shall we?! I know that Lauran blogged her 'What I'm Loving' Wednesday post yesterday, but since we're embarking on a new year full of promise, opportunity and renewed creativity, why not share with you all what I'm currently loving right now...for some added inspiration ;-)

Who doesn't love Instagram???!!! It has become my go-to social media platform lately. There is just so much motivation to be creative! It's such a great spot to genuinely appreciate and reflect on how the world is viewed by different eyes. There are some incredibly talented people out there! Since I'm seriously addicted, I figured you guys must be as well! Why not start off the new year with some new, fresh inspiration! Here are a few of my favorite Instagrammers who post some of the most beautiful images that I truly swoon over:

 Roséline of @thisisglamorous posts all things girly & very, very pretty. 
Fashion Illustrator, Dallas Shaw, posts some serious style inspiration over at @dallasshaw
For all things interior, Seattle-based designer Brian Paquette has just the right touch (as well as a fabulous sense of humor!!) Follow him! @brianpaquette

What Was Once Old.
I was always that little girl that spent hours in my grandmother's closet trying on her jewelry and rummaging through her drawer of rouge and perfume, sampling every color and every scent! While every girl loves something new, I tend to gravitate towards beautiful pieces of clothing, linens and china that was once owned by the generations of women before me. I imagine the woman who used to wear these pieces or adorn her dinner table with these items while entertaining. I received my grandmother's silver as a bridal shower gift last summer, and stumbled upon a stunning 1950's Chanel blazer at a Northern Virginia consignment shop last spring. I beyond cherish these pieces and hope that I will be able to pass them onto the generations that will follow after me! Here are a few vintage styles I'm loving that are currently making a come back:

From top, left to right: 1940's Bernard 'Etoiles' China, 1970's Oscar de la Renta beaded dress, French Victorian lace wedding gowns, Victorian-era ankle booties

Piperlime in SoHo.
My favorite online shopping experience,, launched its first free-standing store in New York City this past September! If you're ever bumming around SoHo, you'll find it on Wooster Street, which is such a quaint little neighborhood to peruse through! I had the opportunity to visit their new store over New Year's Eve while visiting a friend up in the Big Apple and trust me when I say, it offers everything you would find online and then some, including some very stylish employees who are more than willing to help you put together some really unique ensembles!

Coach Willis Bag. 
Ask and you shall receive! The Coach Willis Bag was at the top of my Christmas list this past holiday and my amazing husband really got the hint ;-) It's such a versatile bag, allowing for both work & play. And the color seems to fit every wardrobe piece I own! A great investment staple that I plan on wearing for many years!

For more details on what I'm wearing above, come visit me over at Dirty Water, Dirty South!

Thank you for allowing me to share a bit of the day with you! Salut! ~ Jill

I know one thing, I'm flying over to her post to find out where she found her hosiery! I have to agree with her, EVERYTHING old is new again! I am in love with all things vintage and I'm in the process of redecorating my home, as well, with antiques and vintage inspired pieces! Be sure to check out Jill's links in this post! You will drool over her gorgeous wedding {which was featured on Style Me Pretty}, take an instant vacation through her Italy photos, and want to snag her authentic Chanel/Chanel blazer! Happy Thursday my loves!!! I hope you enjoyed meeting Jill, she was a joy to share with y'all! 

If you are interested in Sponsoring/Guest Posting please e-mail me at I am now booking for the month of April!

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