Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's here, It's here, the middle of the week is here!!! Already we are flying through the month of January!!! Where is time going and what am I loving today?! Check it out below!

1. Getting back to the gym! Monday was my first night back in MONTHS! My Zumba instructor even said "Hey girl! It's been awhile"! Why yes, yes mam it has! What a great work out I had too. It felt good to sweat, to get my body moving, and to feel that much better leaving the gym knowing I just did something good for myself! I'm hoping to head out for a two mile walk on my lunch break today and hit the gym tomorrow night! I certainly don't mind the sore feeling the next morning either! It's a reminder of the good I am doing for myself!

2. Using up my Flex Spending Account before it runs out! Long story short, when I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled, I asked the Dentist office to run the numbers so I knew what price tag I was going to be looking at. I was looking at a $1,000 procedure, including my insurance, or so I thought. Great. Dandy. Fine. To help with the cost I opened up a Flex Spending Account at work with the total amount of the teeth extraction. The only intended purpose of the card was to pay for the wisdom teeth removal. After the dental procedure, I had to pay for the service. Duh. Well, the receptionist tells me "That will be $94.00".... Excuse me?!... $94.00 is FAR from a grand! It's unclear where the mistake was made when the dentist first ran those numbers but now I've had to come up with ways to spend the rest of the account before it runs out in March! The list provided is limited to mainly band aids and pregnancy tests! Literally everything else needs a prescription! Can you imagine.... $900 worth of First Response tests?! ha! Anywho, since I now need glasses {that's a blog post all its on} I have successfully spent the majority of the card! Now I have no fears of eating $900 at the end of March!

3. The Duchess of Cambridge's 31st Birthday today! Yes, the gorgeous and oh-so-classy Princess turns 31 today!! I hope she has one of the happiest of birthdays yet! I'm excited to read about how she spends her day, sans alcoholic beverages of course! More so I'm excited to see what she decides to wear to celebrate her birthday!

4. My second sponsor post for tomorrow! I can't wait for y'all to meet Jill! She has some of the best fashion sense of anyone I know! And yes I know her in real life! I wish I could pull off half of the creative ensembles she creates! Not to mention she has the sweetest personality too and I know you all will love her!! She's a Boston native now residing in D.C. and living the whirlwind newlywedded life! Be sure to stop by and meet her tomorrow!

5. White Collar starts back in two weeks!!! The best part is I've gotten the hubby hooked on it so now he can enjoy watching it with me! I don't know why I considered couch/TV time important, but I think its great when you can sit and enjoy the TV program together! I'm not a fan of watching TV in separate rooms or being in different rooms while you are both home for that matter!

What are y'all loving today?! That the work week is half way over?! Yep, add that to my list too!


  1. Good for you for getting back into the gym girl! I've been doing the same lately, but I'm still struggling with my eating. Just gotta keep trying and taking it one day at a time. Good luck!

  2. good job at getting to the gym! hope you are able to stick with it! Kate..what a gorgeous role model!