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January's Third Sponsor Guest - Meet Kimberly!

Allow me to introduce my third sponsor for this month {how is it we are already into the third week of January?}!!! Kimberly and I became friends through Instagram! To be honest I have no idea who found who, but I am so glad, at that point of clicking the "follow" button, that one of us chose to friend someone new! I love this gals writing style and her insanely hilarious sense of humor! Her quick witted tid bits make me laugh out loud, literally! She is one drop dead gorgeous diva and when I say diva, I mean this military chick could probably kick your booty and then some, with her pearly white smile still beaming! Now get to meeting Kim, she is pretty freakin' fantastic! 

Thank you so much to Lauran for allowing me this opportunity, she's fabulous. We've gone from Instagram/GFC buddies to doing guest posts, *tear* it's been so magical. But I haven't even introduced myself... I'm Kim over at The Simplicity of Being Curious.  Top things that I'm best known for: I'm a military officer, I have a personality that has been compared to Leslie Knope's (Parks and Recreation), and I love to craft.

So much love, so much enthusiasm :)

Pinterest and Instagram are like bosom buddies to me.  Nevertheless, we all have those moments when Pinterest isn't quite as kind to our delicate, crafting egos or Instagram flat out encourages the green eyed monster in all of us.  Why yes I'm a model, my agency is Instagram ;)  Those moments when you're like WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

I think we can all agree that Pinterest is one sneaky mom.

Don't get the reference? Watch this:

Pinterest can be a magical land of DIY or a nightmare.

You go there planning to make a holiday wreath that your neighbors will envy but then it turns into a Pinstrocity.  What is a pinstrocity?  A craft project that starts at your local craft store, with a twinkle in your eye and ends with you in a mental breakdown in your living room.  What? I can't Instagram this and I didn't even take pictures of the disaster for my blog!

This happened to me with the "money-saving tip" of using an insulation tube for pipes as a wreath instead of purchasing a regular foam wreath at Michael's or HobLob (my affectionate term for the store known as "Hobby Lobby").  It seemed brilliant, only spend a buck on something that normally is $7 or more.  Let's face it, you can't walk into any type of craft store without dropping a $20 bill.  It's easy...kind of like the same experience of walking into any Target, there's always something I need.  So saving some money here and there is always a good idea to me.

Well I didn't get the wreath, or the ruby slippers, or the sword in the stone...wait, wrong story.  The insulation tube got the best of me.  I'm a big fan of hot glue- it's a miracle adhesive.  You can't hot glue anything to it unless you have some type of barrier in between, aka duct tape.  This would cause an automatic dislike for this project, but it gets worse.  The type of dislike where you think, you're wearing sweatpants, you can't sit with us (Mean Girls, anyone?). So my once super adorable wreath now had scraps of duct tape holding it and styrofoam balls together.  It was like a 21st-birthday-hot-sloppy-mess and had sections missing from where hot glue hit it.  The kicker?  The duct tape that actually made it a round shape fell apart and then it was just a tube.

A limp, floppy tube.

So the remainder of my adorable yarn snowball wreath laid on the top of the couch throughout the holidays.  I didn't even have enough creative spark to finish it.  Just looking at it was discouraging.  I told my husband that I plan to salvage the expensive styrofoam balls that have now been turned into yarn snowballs- here's to hoping.  

Isn't this great? Totally true, unless you burn the enchiladas...
Speaking of the holidays, you see these beautiful recipes on Pinterest and pin them in hopes that your Christmas dinner and sweet treats turn out to be just as delightful. I failed at every single batch of cookies I made for Christmas.  

Like epic fail

One set of my peanut butter kiss cookies were just a blackened sludgy mess, something from the likes of It Came From the Swamp.  No bueno. I don't even know if that's a real movie but I'm sure you can guess my reaction- sheer, adulterated horror.

Of course the solution is to take a cheese grater and scrape off the charred bottoms.  
Let's be serious- ain't nobody got time for that.

I go to Pinterest to get it right the first time, isn't that why we use the interwebs? ;)
That's just the DIY and baking aspects of Pinterest, there are products and outfits of the day, not to mention an entire search engine dedicated to weddings.  My vow renewals have been set and planned for awhile now and I just hope my flower girls are ready for two to three costume changes. I joke, I keed...sort of. 

Then there's Instagram, the social media device that has turned me into an iPhone camera aficionado.  I love it a little too much.  Post a picture of a book, I'm all in.  Of course every blogger and his or her mom has an account, so 200+ friends later, my Instagram feed is fully entertaining.

What makes me laugh about many of these someecards is that it's a way to laugh at ourselves.

Who is guilty of Instagramming a picture of their massive margarita or a juicy steak they've just prepared (probably with a marinade found on Pinterest)?

Raises hand

Our generation is a little ridiculous but immensely entertaining and I'm just enjoying the ride.  There will always be that one recipe where your apples turn to mush or a DIY organizational space that turns out far messier than when you started.  At the end of the day, if you can still laugh at yourself and give it another shot or just admit that this is just not your battle- it's all good.  Hey, at least you can tweet about. 
 I'd love to see y'all comment on my blog sometime.   

Sometimes I'm a little funny, a little crafty, or sometimes go buck wild.  



 Kim must have secretly known about some of my Pinterest fails! I mean hello... more than half those photos are styled for magazines, websites, and professional blogs! There is NO WAY any of us measly ordinary people can pull off that stuff! My Potato Chowder soup SO DID NOT turn out like that Pinterest photo! It's great that we all live in this DIY craze right now, but it's refreshing to hear people like Kim admit that some of that crap is just for the birds! Somethings just need to be left to the pros, and by pros I mean the stores that sell them, to which I will go and purchase said stuff from! Be sure to pay Kim a visit and follow along with her fun-loving, Pinterest-crafting, military-wifey, puppy-momma life! She was a joy to share with all of you!!

If you are interested in Sponsoring/Guest Posting, e-mail me at I am now booking for the month of April! 

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  1. Thank you Lauran for this opportunity! This was one of my favorite guest posts to write and hopefully your readers enjoy this little piece :)