Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day my loves! The weather has been pretty dreary here the last few days and I'm hoping the sun will make an appearance by the end of this week! It's amazing how the sun can really lift your spirits and mood! Other than loving for the sun to shine brightly this week here is what else I'm loving!

1. Finally having the guts to publicly confess my disappointment in the lack of communication I have received from our wedding photographer! As much as I loved the talents of our photographer she has been a nightmare to work with after the event! It took 6 months just to get our photos! After finalizing what photos I wanted in our flush mount album {one of the biggest reasons we chose the package we purchased} I sent them to her so she could start the album. That was last April. I received an email in August from her stating it was ready for proofing and that she would send the link for my approval. She never sent the link. I waited and waited and waited. In October I started to contact her regularly about the album. Emails, phone calls {to which her voicemail was always full}, texts, facebook messages, EVEN posting a comment for her to contact me on one of her instagram photos! I received nothing in return. I felt the only way to grab her attention was to announce, via a facebook status and tagging her business in it, about her lack of communication! I have yet to receive any type of response from her, however I have had 5 of her clients contact me explaining that they are experiencing the same issues! No one had a clue about these issues though, because no one made them public. I don't like being ugly and ridiculing people, but being that my 2nd anniversary is in June, enough is enough. I want our album! I don't want to move forward with legal actions but I feel I have no choice! It's a shame such talent is going to waste with such terrible business practices!

2. Vanderpump Rules. Have any of you watched this yet? It seems full of drama and I'm not sure how I feel about Stassi and the rest of the cast! Very dramatic, maybe more so than the housewives, but I love watching Lisa in all her business running glory! I also love seeing her set these kiddos straight! I think it's nice that they come to Lisa for advice but I appreciate that she keeps the line between boss and boss momma very clear! I've found that when that line becomes blurred you can have respect issues and we can't have anyone disrespecting Lisa Vanderpump! No, darling, No!

3. Going to bed early. I am a night owl! I stay up late perusing blogs and shopping websites and social media sites as well as watching television and planning for the day, week, month, and year ahead {ha yes I plan for our future}. Then my alarm clock goes off the next morning and I want to punch myself in the face for staying up so blaming late! Sometimes I just have to cut off everything and head to bed... before 9! Oh glorious sleep how I love thee!

4. My 196 followers. I can't even believe I have gained this many readers and followers! It is extremely humbling that I have so many fans and I appreciate you all more than you will ever truly know! I am looking forward to gaining my 200th fan and hope to host a give-away in honor of reaching that great number! Stay on the lookout!

5. My guest poster for tomorrow. I can't wait for you all to meet Kimberly! She has a knockout smile and is one savvy military wifey, momma to a sweet furrbaby and a huge fan of reading {that alone is a girl after my own heart}! Be sure to stop by tomorrow and give her some love!!!

On a more personal note, I have to ask for prayers for a blogger sister of mine! Britt over at The Magnolia Pair lost her brother and two nephews in a horrible tragic accident on Sunday. If you want the details she has the link to an article of the accident on her blog but more-so please visit her and give her your support, love and encouragement! She and her family need it more than ever right now. If any of you would like to go in together and send flowers/plant and card to her and her family let me know and I can make the arrangements! 


  1. I'm not sure yet about Vanderpump Rules...I can't decide!

  2. i can't believe your UNprofessional!!!

    sadly, i have to confess that i started watching vanderpump rules too...i have the second episode on dvr waiting for me!

    i was so so sad to hear about britt's brother and nephews too! i can't imagine their heartache right now! i would love to go in on flowers or something...let me know if you do anything!

  3. So I am really glad that mentioned the thing about your photography. Seeing as how I am getting married next year, I have started the hunt for a photographer. I have never had to persue looking for a photographer, and frankly, I do not know what to expect. I have a friend of mine offer to do it for me, but I am scared that maybe something would grow wrong or I wouldn't like them, then I would feel really bad agreeing to let her do it, but I do like the way she shoots. Bu then I have found a couple more that I like as well, but I am scared that that would be the one thing that would mess up that day, and I know nothing about this person or how everything would turn out. Everyone I have talked with has said do NOT skimp on the pictures, it will be the only thing you have left over after all is said and done. And that is the one area where I don't want to make a mistake picking someone and I want to have the best in the end. It's just plain hard! :)

  4. Oh my gosh! Reading about your photographer gave me a huge knot in my stomach! I've hired a pretty awesome photographer for my wedding in August, and I did a lot of research before contacting her and meeting with her for the first time. How awful and unprofessional of yours! I would be devastated! I hope you get the situation resolved soon!!!!