Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Whew! What a fantastic weekend we had! As much as I love lazy weekends where we literally stay in our jammies the entire weekend, I really enjoy accomplishing projects and being productive more! Being busy actually makes the weekend feel longer than when we waste it away doing nothing!

Friday evening was spent with just Baby Reef! The hubby was out of town for a Coach's Clinic which meant I got to watch more season one episodes of White Collar and snuggle with the pup! I did manage to clean up more Christmas stuff and straightened up our living area! Not an exciting evening to most but it was nice to come home from work and just relax with nothing to do!

Baby Reef hanging out with momma on the couch!
Saturday, I woke up at eight, which is so not the norm for Saturday, had my breakfast smoothie and put myself together for a morning of antiquing with my neighbor {we will call her "C"}! Before getting started, we headed to Starbucks and laughed with the drive thru worker at how completely inadequate we were at being professional Starbuck customers! We learned we don't know what size XL is {Trenta by the way} and I NEVER can pronounce Chai correctly! After getting our Starbucks fix for the month {since we aren't Starbucks junkies} we headed out to the stores I was familiar with only to find one closed, one overpriced, and one with a little old lady who followed us around the entire store literally talking our heads off! We booked it out of there when she was changing the RECORD on her record player! Sweet lady but I lost count after the 8th time she told us items were on sale and that her dear husband was in heaven!

While headed home we happened to randomly see another store that looked as though it had potential! We made a quick U-turn and headed in! Boy were we right! This store was a little gem and I'm quite upset I'm just finding it when, apparently, it's been there for the last 13 years! So many pretties to look at; jewelry, glassware, furniture, pictures, lamps, dressers, beds, and the list goes on and on and on! I scored a beautiful Duncan Phyfe round lamp table for our office/library that matched the rich mahogany furniture we already have in that room! Great price and great condition! "C" purchased the cutest coral colored vintage stud clip on earrings for only $2.50!! I seriously can't wait to pay this place another visit and find more pieces to compliment our home and my jewelry box!

My new accent table for the library/office!
The hubby came home from his conference in the early afternoon and considering the foggy gloomy weather we opted for a small afternoon nap! Who doesn't love those? Once we woke from that we decided to get ourselves together and head to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner! We hadn't been in a awhile and decided we needed to go somewhere with a 1,000 item menu list and cheesecakes that literally stick to my hips! After waiting 45 minutes for a table, browsing the menu wasn't too tedious. We tried a new app, their fresh made guacamole and I ended up ordering the Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp while the hubby ordered Fish Tacos! Both of our meals were scrumptious and we were proud of ourselves for trying something new! Of course we ended the evening with an order of cheesecakes - TO GO!

30th Anniversary Cheesecake! Yuuummmm!
After dinner we headed to HomeGoods since I wanted to look at area rugs and window treatments! That place is probably my favorite store on the planet! I could spend hours in there!! We had no luck with rugs but did find some window treatments and photo frames. The hubby also found a recliner but the price tag was a wee bit more than we were willing to spend for HomeGoods. Once we arrived home I immediately hung up the new curtains and HATED them, though I did leave them up thinking I may like them the next morning! No such luck, plus the hubby hated them too! Whew, glad he and I can agree on such things like home decor!

Curtains I had hanging before!

The linen curtains I just could not learn to love! And no the walls are not yellow! The light makes it seem that way though!
Yesterday morning, we headed to brunch with the hubby's grandmother, mom, stepdad, uncles, aunt and cousins! Always a great time and pretty great food too! I indulged in one too many scones - they were fantastic! After brunch I went and exchanged the window treatments and while at TJ Maxx I saw the same recliner chair that was at HomeGoods the night before! The only difference was this chair had a clearance sticker on it, with a price I would pay! I still had no idea where exactly it would go in the living room so I passed up the purchase.  I then headed to Lowe's to look for the curtains C had sent me a photo of earlier in the morning! Found them, bought them and I'm quite pleased with them! Once I arrived home, I told the hubby and C about the chair and how I passed up the deal! Somehow, C convinced us to go back and get the chair, so we did, along with a new lamp for the new table! C helped us move furniture around and figure out a good fit for certain pieces and I have to say I like it! After 3.5 years of having the same set up, it will take an adjustment, but I really like the different look! Not to mention our library/office is coming a long great! C also fed us some of the best chili I've ever had! It had just enough kick but the right amount of sugar to sweeten it up! It was a huge hit! I will definitely snag that recipe from her as soon as possible and I will be sharing!

New table with New lamp!

New Curtains! Just need holdbacks and we need to move the desk to another wall!

Hubby in his new recliner!
Needless to say we had a pretty eventful weekend, the majority of Christmas stuff got transferred to the attic, the hubby has a new "man" chair, and I finally decided on curtains for our office! I made a decorating decision! That's a huge deal so the weekend was definitely worth it!

Hope you all had equally fantastic weekends!!! Happy Monday!!!


  1. you had a super productive weekend! OMG the cheesecake...yummy!

  2. Wow sounds like you got a lot done! Way more productive than mine.

  3. I love homegoods. I could seriously spend thousands in there!!! YOur house is coming along great!

  4. sounds like a great weekend!! I want a recliner so bad...they look so comfy!!

  5. Girl, you were busy this weekend! Even if you didn't think you did much! Yay for decorating! :) Loving the final curtain purchase! Happy Monday to you! (Can I have some cheesecake?? haha) ;)