Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Letters!

It really has been one hellacious week and when I say hellacious, I mean I feel like I got in a fight with the week and the week won! I'm usually pretty excited for Friday's but I can assure you I'm not just excited... I am ecstatic it is finally Friday!! I mean, actually get-up-and-get-moving-in-the-morning type of excitement! Between a hormonal migraine lasting two whole days and zapping me of all energy, a trip to WalMart {also known as Hell on Earth}, and having to deal with a crap ton of rain this morning in rush hour... I am just OVER IT! Luckily I'm sporting my bubblegum pink Hunter wellies this morning and praying today goes by fast so I can get home to my hubby, my furrbaby, and my weekend!! The combination of wellies and prayers makes everything better!

Dear Coffee, I think I am giving you up! Considering I only drink one cup a day and I'm not a Starbucks junkie, I don't see why I really need you. I find Chai Tea to be much tastier for a morning pick me up, Green Tea is really becoming my beverage of choice besides water during the day, and I'm really loving drinking Chamomile Tea at night to help me relax. I'm really having a hard time seeing where you fit in anymore! I love you, I do, I'm just not in love with you. Sorry I'm not sorry! Dear Self, Am I completely nuts for wanting to apply to a summer internship in NYC? I kind of feel like I am but then again, I've never done ANYTHING career related outside of the box. I've never taken a risk or a chance! I mean seriously, who knows if I would even get the internship, but how will I know if I don't try? Is it silly though to leave my hubby, furrbaby, family, and home for a whole summer for something that technically isn't even a real job?? Is it worth it?? You've got a lot of questions to answer and not much time. I think maybe I should just do it, what do you think? Dear Readers, I feel like I am starting to fizzle on topics to write about! What do you all like to read, especially from me? What is it that keeps you coming back to my little neck of the blogging woods? There are some things I don't feel comfortable blogging about {my fashion/style for instance} but in given time I hope to expand upon those subjects and branch out of my comfort zone. Until then, though, what types of subjects to y'all like to follow and read?! I need a wee bit of inspiration here! I feel as though I'm losing my blogging moe joe! Dear my American Girl Doll Felicity, I randomly think about you from time to time. How you were my very best friend for so many years of my early pre-teen life! You were seriously the best doll a girl could ever ask for! I know you are safely tucked away at mom's house but I hope to unpack you and all your accessories and clothes one day soon to reminisce about my childhood with you and to maybe even share you with my future daughter {if I am lucky enough to have a girl}! I also hope, with the help of Ebay, to finish your collection! I am quite certain there are only 5 sets of items from your original 1991 collection that I do not currently have! I have no doubt I'll pay big bucks for those sets, but I think you are plenty worth it and you'd be even more worthy with a complete original set, not that I would ever sell you! I just want to be able to say I have the ENTIRE original collection! I loved you a heck of a lot, spent countless hours playing and talking to you, and I can blame you for my love of anything and everything colonial! I've even entertained the idea of naming my future daughter after you... that's how much you impacted my childhood! Dear Special K Pastry Chocolate Crisps, You.Are.Heavenly! I really enjoy the strawberry and blueberry ones as well, since they do remind me of pop tarts, but you my dear, you rock my socks! So tasty and how quickly it helps me sooth my sweet tooth and ALL for 100 calories... as long as I don't eat the whole box! I think I may treat myself to you right now!

Happy Friday my loves! If you had a pretty crummy week as I did, I hope that your weekend is full of nothing but greatness! And if you had a pretty stellar week, well I still hope your weekend is fan-freakin-tastic! Here's to a glorious weekend and a fabulous week next week! Cheers! XoXo!


  1. My week has been crazy too, not bad just crazy busy! It just disappeared. I love the little 100 cal snacks - so perfect for when you have a craving. Have you tried the Blue Bunny ice creams? YUM! Happy weekend honey!

  2. Hope your weekend is relaxing and wonderful! Sounds like you need it! Happy Friday, my friend :)


  3. NYC would be an amazing experience! I say go for it!!

  4. This felt like a long week for me too, but my husband said it flew by for him. Mehh..

    NYC is amazing. Better to do it now before kids, you know?

  5. If NYC is something you really want to do, then go for it! You would hate to look back and regret never doing it.

  6. Ahh I just did a post about how I grew up with American Girl Dolls! Samantha was my first one, and my favorite. I also had Felicity. I know you're in the Hampton Roads area... do you remember a place called Riddicks Folley in downtown Suffolk? They used to have the American Girl Doll programs there when I was a little girl. Woman (well, teenage girls) would dress up as the dolls.. they'd have tea parties, you could meet them, buy accessories, tour the house (which they had set up as one of the girl's houses)... it was oh so neat! I heard recently that they are going to be bringing the programs back soon! This girl will definately be going if they do!!

    xo, Ashley

  7. I haven't thought about my American Girl dolls in ages! I had Felicity too! My grandmother was just as obsessed as I was so I also had Kirsten, Samantha, and Josefina. Mine too are hanging at my mom's house until I have a daughter. This post brought me back! I love it.

    On the note of what we like to read about, I really love reading about peoples day to day lives. I know it's silly but there is community in the ordinary and I always enjoy it.

  8. Love your letter it was touching.
    Don't you just love blogs to make you think about things and really write it out its awesome! So is your blog you are darling
    Keep up the awesome work

  9. Do the internship...or apply for it!! that would be such an amazing opportunity and it never hurts to just apply!! I gave up coffee years ago..I drink it only during finals week for grad school and those once in a random while.

  10. Good on you for trying to give up coffee. Personally I couldnt do it, I like to wake up with my little espresso and than an instant when I get to work. 2 a day isnt too bad I figure. I did try to give it up once but by day 3 I was just too grumpy and couldnt do it any longer!
    Your blog is great, easy to read and pretty to look at. I like reading new recipes, bargain finds or diy projects around the home :)