Friday, February 1, 2013

January 2012 Mini Goals Roundup!

Whoa! Hey month of LOVE! It's quite fantabulous to see you! Normally, I share this current post on the last day of the previous month, but I wasn't about to give my sponsor the boot just to update y'all on my January goals! Instead, I decided I'd do it today! It's my blog, I'm grown, I do what I want! *wink, wink*

So how'd I do on my monthly goals? You tell me!

1. Get back into the gym at least twice a week! TOTAL WIN {with the exception of this week 1. because I was sick and 2. because I had a new member organization meeting last night}. I started back to Zumba on Monday nights! Thursday nights I usually would go to a Cardio Dance class, however they moved that to Tuesdays so I started doing an hour weight class! That class doesn't seem to have a huge group of followers but I've enjoyed what I've done in it so far {except for last week when they didn't have it}. I also added one day of power walking during my lunch break on Wednesdays! There is a neighborhood right next to my office building and I've clocked in 12.5 miles the month of February!

2. Purge and Organize the house, one room at a time. HALF WIN/HALF FAIL and I say this because it is an on going project that is never ever ending! Progress is being made but not nearly enough for my liking!

3. Bring/pack lunch everyday for work - no eating out. WIN {for the most part}. I brought my lunch to work every day except for 4 days this month. One lunch was spent at a meeting where I had to buy something for my famished tummy. Second lunch was because I left my good ole Lean Cuisine on the kitchen counter at home. The third lunch was because I had a lunch date with my mommy! And fourth lunch? Well that happened to be yesterday! If you follow me on Instagram {if you don't you should!} you know that my hubby informed me Wednesday that Burger King brought back their cheesy tots! My absolute weakness, so that is what my fat-kid-at-heart-self had yesterday for lunch! I hope to continue this in the month of February but incorporate actual lunches MADE at home and not the frozen meal crap!

4. Continue to work towards a career in PR, volunteering my time to businesses and organizations for hands on experience - DON'T GIVE UP. HALF WIN/HALF FAIL. I toned down the job hunt mainly because I am full blown revamping my resume. I have literally torn it a part and I am slowly putting it back together to showcase more of my talents, knowledge and education. Once my resume is finished I plan to start applying for more opportunities. I just joined a new organization in my area {I plan on doing a post about this soon} and have already been added to their PR team! I am really excited to help them more with their PR needs, gain some more experience, and network in the process.

5. Schedule actual planned date nights with the hubby! FAIL. I feel terrible I failed this one particular goal! We did have several date nights this month but they were mainly just dinners! We had a few jam packed weekends which didn't really give us date nights and when we did decide to grab dinner it was last minute thinking! Here's to hoping we can get more creative in February!

6. Book our June trip to Jamaica. FAIL. All this entails is us figuring out which days we will be headed down there and calling the travel agent to book the trip! Who knows why we weren't able to get this taken care of! This has now become a more urgent goal!

7. Have at least one girls night with any or all of my gal pals. HALF WIN/HALF FAIL. I consider this half because I did spend a day thrifting and antiquing with my girlfriend who lives across the street! Now I just need to make sure I spend some quality time with a few other special gals in my life! I will say it can get difficult with some juggling kids, work, husbands, fiances, and even school and then I am juggling all of my crazy life too! I also live about 30 minutes away from my closest gal pals which can add more insult to injury when trying to get together! Planning girl time really is important to me and I hope to work on this more this month and to show my girlfriends I really do appreciate and need them in my life!

8. Send out Thank you cards for both Birthday and Christmas gifts. HALF WIN/HALF FAIL. I sent out all my Birthday Thank you notes early in January. I  currently have half of the Christmas Thank yous written and waiting to be mailed and will finish the rest this weekend!

9. Arrive on time to work, every morning. HALF WIN/HALF FAIL. Literally I was on time for nine mornings, late for eleven mornings, I went in just for the afternoon one day and had one sick day. If you knew my track record for getting to work on time, you would know this is actually really impressive for me!

10. Keep Blogging! WIN! This was a huge win! I blogged every day and I set up new guest posters/ sponsors! I will admit, blogging is time consuming and I would really like to plan out my posts better and create them more on the weekends to save some precious time during the week nights. I'm starting to understand why some bloggers like to be paid for this hobby, at time's it seems like a second job! Nonetheless I hope to continue as long as it doesn't interfere with quality time with my little family!

All in all I am pretty proud of what I did get accomplished this month! Of course since I'm an over achiever and beat myself up a lot when I don't do my best, I think I should have done better! However, that's why there is always next month right?! I just can't give up, not even on the little things!

**Also, I am still planning "My Favorite Things" give-a-way, but had to order a few special things which won't be shipped till later this month {would've been nice to have had a heads up on that}! I promise once I get those items the contest will be underway, but more than likely won't occur till the end of the month! I appreciate all of the support and fellow friends who helped me get to 200 followers! And thank you all for following me, seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! **

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  1. I think its important to put your goals down on the paper. I got a calendar and I try to plan out my posts or I will start a post and then finish it another day.
    I hope you have a nice weekend.