Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Small Get-A-Way

I am not the only person in my life who has purchased a house recently. My best friend Erin and her Husband bought a house in the lovely countryside of Suffolk and my other best friend Kristen and her boyfriend Danny bought a house up in the busy area of Northern Virginia, more precisely in Burke. We all bought our houses within 2 1/2 months of each other! Can you tell we three are BFFs???

Kristen and Danny had their housewarming get-together this weekend so Todd and I drove up late late Friday night after I got off of work and spent the whole day yesterday with them as well as Erin, Chase, and their daughter Hayley! We went into D.C. had lunch at the National Art Cafe and then walked around to many of the monuments! Such a great time, just wish we had more time to spend with everyone! Here are a few pictures of us!

Since this was a Housewarming Weekend, of course I did not show up empty handed! For occasions such as Bachelorette Parties, Wedding Showers, Engagement Parties, and Housewarming Parties, I really like to create personal gifts. For this particular get-together, I bought 2 candle holders (which can also be used as vases), learned the colors of their living room, and created the candle holders to match! They are extremely inexpensive which is great considering I've got myself on a budget and the gift comes from the heart because time was spent on making it their very own! I got the idea from an Eclectic Boutique in Downtown Suffolk that sold platters, picture frames and an array of items with glass marbles glued onto them, however, they were extremely expensive and I could not see myself paying for something I could create on my own! Here are pictures of Kristen and Danny's Candle holders/ Vases:

I also paint on glasses as well. Wine glasses, beer mugs, platters, and other dishware! I love love love duo-grams (usually the bride and grooms first name initials and then their last name initial). If the gift is a wedding present, I will paint it in the bride and grooms wedding colors! I would create a blog for all the ones I have done, however I always forget to take pictures before I wrap them and don't have many! I am trying to debate whether I should start to sell these kinds of items! Hmmmm something to contemplate!

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