Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And here is to the Fall Semester...

I am pretty sure that for the next month I will be extremely stressed, tired, emotional and overwhelmed! Here's to the end of the Fall Semester!

Why must EVERY professor assign a HUGE presentation, paper, project, and/or test around the 1st of December?! This is how the next few weeks looks for me:

11/11 French quiz
11/17 Public Relations 3-4 page Film Analysis
11/17 Intercultural Communication 2-3 page Writing Assignment
11/17 My part of our Intercultural Communication power-point presentation due to my group members
11/21 Exit Writing Exam
11/24 Public Relations 2-3 page Case Study Critique
11/24 HUGE Intercultural Communication Exam II
12/1 Intercultural Communication 30 minute presentation
12/2 French quiz
12/7 Communication Theory 4 page research paper
12/8 Public Relations Evaluation Assignment
12/11 Communication Theory 10 Theory Cards
12/11 Communication Theory Exam III
12/15 Public Relations Final Exam
12/18 French Final Exam (the day after my 25th Birthday!)

Keep in mind I am working full time, hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house, and getting ready for the holidays, my birthday, and our 3 year dating anniversary! I definitely have a lot of work ahead of me and I am not looking forward to it! I am, however, looking forward to May 2010 when it will ALL be over with and I will finally have my Bachelor of Science in Communication with a minor in Sport Management! Oh my that has a fabulous ring to it!

By the way... in the next month if you see me in public and it looks as though I have not gotten enough sleep or I am a bit snappy... the above schedule says it all!

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