Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

What an eventful weekend we have filled {with lots of food} all in the name of Easter and Jesus!

I’m not sure what tonight will consist of, normally Friday evenings are spent relaxing in front of the tube, however I’m thinking a date night may be in the works! A movie, dinner, dessert, mall… who knows?! Knowing we have such a busy weekend ahead it may just be a Red Box Chinese Takeout kind of night!

Saturday morning while I’m making the Family Secret Special Deviled Eggs the hubby has baseball practice! Then we will be heading to my mom’s house with sixteen other family members and friends for, what I know will be, and unforgettable Easter celebration! This is the first holiday we will all be together since my Pappa passed! It will definitely not be the same without him there but we know he will be there in spirit laughing with us all! Really looking forward to Nanna’s broccoli and cheese casserole! It’s always a staple at any holiday dinner and it is definitely my favorite dish!

Sunday we will be headed to brunch with the hubby’s momma’s side of the family! I’m looking forward to spending time with all of them. It is always eventful with so many family members together. After brunch and lots of together time and good conversation we will head to the hubby’s Memaw’s house for even more family time! At this point we will probably still be full from brunch but I have no doubt Memaw will send us home with platefuls of leftovers! Can you say YUM?!

You may be reading this wondering why there is no mention of visiting church for Easter. I’ll give you a wee bit background. I was raised in church and I am without a doubt a born again believer and Christian, but I haven’t been to church regularly in some time. Yes, Easter is special, but why should I just go on Easter Sunday if I don’t go any other Sunday? Being at church on Easter isn’t about showing off your new Easter ensemble or proving that you are a believer to others. It’s about worshiping God and I can worship my Lord anywhere. So, I will do that in my home and with my families.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter in whichever way and form that you do! Please feel free to share your holiday plans!!! I love hearing what my readers are up too!

See ya’ll beautiful people Monday!


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  1. Your Easter sounds awesome and full of family time! Love that!