Monday, April 9, 2012

Ponder This!

I saw this quote while tweeting around on Twitter and thought WOW, how true it really is!

“When you’re all wrapped up in yourself, you’re a very small package.” – Michael Beckwith

When you’re all wrapped up in yourself and your world you miss out on SOOO much and you miss giving and sharing who you are to others. In saying this, I mean the REAL you, the GENUINE you, the YOU who is doing it because you WANT too, not because you will get something in return. The YOU who finds so much joy in just being there for others!

I won’t lie, it is difficult sometimes! We get caught up in our day-to-day routines. We bustle around and forget a 2 minute call to say hi, really doesn’t take that much time. We think Facebook birthday messages are easier than calling the person (this applies to those whose phone numbers you have). And we think saying thank-you to someone via text message is sufficient so we forgo writing a thank-you note. It’s easy to have your blinders on and only see what is right in front of you. We all do it, some more than others, but it’s just as easy to take those blinders off to see all of the beauty around you! The difference between the big packages and small packages, is that those who offer so much, are the ones who take the blinders off!

Big packages don’t hold grudges, they forgive. Big packages don’t wait for you to call, they call you. Big packages drop what they are doing to help in any needed situation. Big packages don’t make others feel guilty for how they feel. Big packages don’t expect ANYTHING in return. Big packages tell the truth. Big packages don’t criticize those for being different. Most importantly, Big packages LOVE A LOT with their whole heart because they’d rather love and do for others than love and do for themselves.

Are you a small package or a big package? Just something for you to ponder for the day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and are enjoying your Monday!!


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