Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Time Travel Tuesday - Link Up

Today I am linking up with Britt over at The Magnolia Pair to share my future Dream Home(s)! Obviously, as most females have done, I have pinned lots of house loves on Pinterest! Now I get to share them with the blogging world! Enjoy and feel free to link up with Mrs. Britt to share your own!

I love a mixture of older houses! Colonial, Cape Cods, Victorian; I'd be perfectly content with any one of these styles!!

When it comes to decor I am really indecisive. I LOVE most any decor and can't really pinpoint my style! Here are some rooms I really really really love!

Living Room

Dining Room/ Library


Office/Quiet Get-a-Way

Master Bedroom

My closet!

Guest Room


There are a lot more photos I could post, but for the sake of making a mile long home post, I narrowed them down! Looks as though I really like crystal chandeliers!!! By the way all photos are courtesy of Pinterest!
Hopefully one day we can all live in our DREAM homes! For now, I'll just keep daydreaming!!!
Hope you friends have a fabulous Tuesday! See y'all tomorrow!!! And thank you Mrs. Britt for hosting such a fun link-up!


  1. The bedroom is seriously amazing!!! Great dream home!

  2. I agree with the chandeliers... nothing makes a nursery/office/closest more complete than a lovely hanging chandelier! :)

  3. love the blue victorian house. it looks magnificent