Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's Wednesday already?! Wohooo! Half way to the weekend! Here's what I'm loving today!

1. Date nights with my hubby! I seriously can't live without these! It gives us a chance to get out of the house, dress to impress, and spend some quality time together over yummy food and beverages! With baseball season in full swing and a puppy who requires a lot of our love and attention we don't get out as much as we like but when we do we soak up every bit of it!!

2. Proactive Face Wash. I used this face regimen religiously several years ago and loved it! My face was clear and my complexion was glowing. I'm not a fan of ordering it online and after I left my serving career at a local mall it wasn't convenient to get to the kiosk when I needed to restock. I started using another brand of face wash but wasn't getting the results I had hoped! Needless to say I bought my 60 day supply kit of Proactive and after 5 washes I can already tell a HUGE difference! Wohooo for clear skin!

3. Peanut Butter Eggs. A church in my hometown, Beechgrove United Methodist, is best known for their DELICIOUS Easter eggs they have sold EVERY year since before I can remember. Flavors include, Peanut Butter, Buttercream, Coconut and Fruit and Nut. The peanut butter eggs are a huge hit in our house and family!! We look forward to getting a dozen of them every Easter and they don't last very long at all! Savoring what we have this week since I won't get a treat like them again for another year!

4. Finally deciding what photos to put in our Wedding album!!! It's only been 10 months since we got hitched haha! I had 900 photos to sift through and narrow down to 100! Do you know how HARD that was for ME?? I'm excited to finally send the list to our photographer, get the ball rolling, and finally have our album in hand! 

5. Booking more meetings for my new business! I have yet to introduce y'all to my side project and promise I will do a post on it soon! I will give y'all a little of the low down to hold y'all over until my REAL post. My momma and I have partnered up and created Something Old, Something Borrowed {Vintage Event Rentals}. Since vintage items are ever so popular right now and since we have an abundance of these kinds of items, we decided to start our own business! Now that wedding season is starting to kick in we have received lots of inquiries from brides and we have already had numerous meetings with photographers in our area! Not to mention I have a meeting on Saturday with another photographer! So excited for the road ahead with this adventure and all the awesome people I have met and will meet!!
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Hope you loves are having a spectacular Wednesday! So very much, looking forward to Friday!!!



  1. I have used PROACTIVE for years... it's definitely the best, I don't care what dermatologist say! :) Good luck with you new business, that is awesome!:) Loving your blog and going to catch up some more!

    1. Thank you!!! I love that so many people are enjoying reading about my little ole life ;)

  2. Thos peanut butter eggs look delish!

  3. I used to use Proactive and loved it too and I'm actually going tonight to buy some more. The other stuff just doesn't cut it for my face.