Thursday, April 12, 2012

Home Improvements

This August will mark three years that we have been homeowners! We love our little townhouse! It has a yard big enough for the pup but small enough for us to maintain with ease. It totals 1,550 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a formal living room, dinning room, den and galley kitchen. It is perfect for us, but we know it’s not our forever home. If the market improves in the next two years I have no doubt we will begin looking for a new home. In waiting for that moment to arrive, I have been in limbo as to what improvements we should make in our little abode.

We started one by replacing ALL of the carpet on the first floor with wood laminate flooring and replacing ALL of the carpet upstairs with a new neutral colored carpet two years ago. We’ve painted the whole entire house and replaced a few kitchen appliances. Other than that, besides decor, we haven’t performed a WHOLE lot of improvements. Part of this is because I don’t want to make huge renovations as to not out price our home. The other part is that I know we aren’t going to be here for forever so I’m unsure if it is even worth it to us! I don’t want to renovate things and then not be able to actually enjoy them once they are completed! The other reasons include time and money. Renovations aren’t cheap even when doing it yourself and by golly when would we have time to do them ourselves? I barely have time to clean my house, let alone start huge projects! Ohhhh the decisions!

I know one of the first and biggest tasks is to upgrade the kitchen, which we have started, with a new stainless steel dishwasher and stove/oven. This room is the one room that needs the most attention. It is very dated with 80’s style wall-paper boarder, light wood looking laminate counter tops, flat cabinet doors, and the worst looking plastic white cabinet hardware I’ve ever seen! We’ve contemplated just replacing the cabinet fronts but I have a feeling the drawers are going to be a bit more difficult. The hubby thinks, instead, we should add trim to the fronts to give it dimension. This isn’t a bad idea to me, a huge time saver and penny saver too! The wall- paper boarder will be easy to take down, it’s just actually deciding on a color to paint the walls is what I can’t make a decision on! Ugh! Sooo indecisive! As far as the counter tops go, as much as I would love granite, it’s just not smart for our home if we are planning to sell it sooner than later! I’m thinking a granite looking laminate will look just as great! Now if I could just make color decisions, I may actually be able to start working on all of this! Take a look at the photos of our kitchen before we moved in (the last photo is our new stove):

I blame Pinterest for a lot of my indecisiveness! I see new ideas everyday that I love and think would look great and then before I know it I have 12 pins of 12 different kitchens or rooms and they are ALL different! How can I possible narrow it down?! Not to mention I’m terrified of actually implementing the changes and then hating it or wanting to change it later because of something else I’ve seen! I have many faults and being so indecisive is one of my biggest ones! I just want to be able to make a decision 100%, stick with it and LOVE it. Any how, I’ve got to learn to JUST DO IT! Just make the decision to change it and leave it!

For the time being I think small improvements will work best for us and our home! Here’s to working on these improvements and finally making solid decisions! Now… I just need 48 hours in a day instead of 24!

Have a very happy Thursday! Just think, we are one more day closer to the weekend!!!



  1. First let me say, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You seem so spunky and positive! I love that! Secondly, I am just like you when it comes to making decisions about my home. We have been in our house 2 years and I have so many ideas but I'm terrified to implement them because I know in 2 months I'm going to hate it and want to start over. Needless to say, The hubs and I never get anywhere! My walls are plain and we only have hand-me-down furniture. This year I promised myself I was going to finally make some decisions and stick with it because I'm so unhappy with my unfinished house! Anyway, sorry for rambling! Good luck with the decision making! Haha! I know whatever you choose will be fabulous!!!!

  2. Thank you for being a fan!!! I'm still new at this whole blogging regularly thing so it has been so great to have so much positive feedback!! I totally know how it feels about your home! We have lots of hand-me-down furniture too! Not to mention lots of yard sale, thrift store and consignment shop finds! I don't think anything is wrong with that, it adds character! You just have to find ways to show it off! And dont feel bad about your bare walls! Our dinning room was bare until a few weeks ago and I still have our hallway and stair well that is totally bare! Hopefully you and I can finally stand our ground with our selves and make some decorating decisions :) Good Luck to you!!!

  3. We are redoing our bathroom right now and I feel the same way! Stupid Pinterest has me constantly trying to upgrade my original ideas and being the most annoying indecisive person about a freaking paint color! Lord help me!