Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For my Mommy and ALL you Mommies!

I was browsing around Facebook yesterday evening after work and found this Proctor and Gamble 2012 London Olympics Advertisement! I may not be a mother but it sent me into a sobbing mess! Not to mention it made me sooo grateful for all my own mother did to push me to excel in life!! So I dedicate this to all of our mommies and the new momma's that are gracing the world each and every day! I may not have turned into an Olympian but I hope I still make my momma proud!!

My apologies for such a short blog today, but I felt like this ad spoke 1000 words! No need to fill it up with mumbo jumbo!!!

Hope everyone is having a glorious day!! See y'all tomorrow for What I'm Loving Wednesday!!!


1 comment:

  1. Just know that your momma loves you very much. and yes I do believe she is proud of you.