Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Weekend in Photos!

What a laid back weekend we had! Besides the rain yesterday, Saturday was absolutely gorgeous! It's a shame Sunday had to be so wet and gloomy! Here is our weekend in photos:

Saturday morning, I gave myself a little manicure and pedicure! My go to nail polish is usually OPI because I love the coverage it gives, however I found a cheap ole NYC bottle in my polish stash and decided I needed to have this hot pink color on my toes and fingers ASAP!

After my personal mani and pedi, I went out to find a 1st Birthday gift for our dear friends, the Hill's little sweet baby girl! I knew I wanted to buy her a pearl bracelet, so I went to a children's boutique close by and picked out a sweet pearl and pink beaded bracelet! It is such a keepsake and I wanted her to have something they could pass through the family! I then found a sweet orange ruffled bathing suit with the cutest terry cloth cover-up for the beach! And of course it's not a gift without a book! I try to buy at least one book to include with a child's gift! There is nothing like teaching your child to love reading! I did notice one thing, while shopping, I do hope we have a little girl{in the future}, they really are WAY fun to shop for, which could get me in a lot of trouble!!

This is us on our way to the birthday party!! Hubby can be sooo serious when driving!! At least he is paying attention to the road!

Yesterday was a rainy, yucky, mess of a day! This picture is our backyard and the rain puddles! Those puddles are a sign of A LOT of rain! We braved the down pours and ate breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, headed to PetSmart with Baby Reef to get his nails trimmed, and stopped in TJ Maxx to check out a bed set I have been admiring!

Once we got home we all decided to take a nap! Including Baby Reef!!! We love sleepy Sundays!

Here is our new bedset! The colors in our bedroom are teal, green, tan, and brown and I've been looking for a new comforter that was a bit more mature than the one we had. We also may be upgrading to a King size bed in the near future {like this weekend} so I went ahead and bought the set in a King size! Granted its a bit longer on the sides for a Queen, but it works for now! I love the paisley print and the fun decorative pillows it came with! Now we just have to get King size pillows to fit the pillow shams that were included! The best part of the whole set is that we got it for a GREAT price! $90.00 for a King size comforter, 2 King size shams, 2 boudoir pillows, and 1 sequined pillow! Can't beat that!!! Sleeping last night was a cozy little dream {until I had to wake up this morning}!  

Hope all of ya'll had a wonderful weekend and are getting through this Monday! It's gloomy and FREEZING here! Very much looking forward to sunshine tomorrow!!



  1. Love the sweet gift that you got for your friends' daughter! I wish they made that red bathing suit in a bigger size! ;)

    Love the bedroom set also!

    1. Thank you and thanks for following :) I know I love that swimsuit too!! Baby girls are sooo fun to shop for! I had a field day picking out her gifts and I cant wait to see her cutie patootie self in that bathing suit this summer!