Friday, April 20, 2012

Thrown Off

Monday while at work, the hubby strained a back muscle. Since then, the doctor put him on light duty for the remainder of the week. Meaning, he didn’t have to wake up as early to be at work.

This threw me off for the entire week! As much as I wish we could get up together, share coffee, maybe even breakfast, brush our teeth together and kiss each other goodbye while heading our separate ways, I’ve learned to enjoy my quiet mornings with just the pupster and I. It’s amazing how one different little thing in my morning routine can throw me for a loop!

When the hubby gets up at 3 a.m. to head to work, I immediately roll over, grab his pillow to snuggle, and proceed to spread myself from one corner of the bed to the other. Then when my alarm clock buzzes (and I hit the snooze several times), I sprawl myself out again. Well, that could not be done this week because the hubby was sound asleep literally on top of me! Not that I mind, but when I’m used to that “roll over” every morning, it’s a bummer not to be able too! It is the smallest kink, I know, but it really makes a difference to my morning routine! I am glad, however, that I was able to kiss the hubby goodbye and not be half asleep! I could definitely get used to that!

Do any of y'all get flustered when your routine has a kink in it?! I’d love to hear your stories, whether serious or funny!!!

Hope all of you are having a fabulous Friday and weekend!!! Can’t wait to leave work and enjoy my own weekend!!! See ya’ll Monday!!!


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