Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's OK Thursday - Link Up

I’m Linking Up today with Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Makeup for “It’s Ok” Thursdays! These link ups are a great way to find new blogs and sweet friends! I’m thinking with both Throw Together Thursday and  “It’s Ok” Thursdays I will be able to stay out of the Thursday rut I always seem to find myself in! Enjoy!

It’s OK...

- to eat kid cereal in your late 20s and enjoy it!

- to spend your whole tax refund on paying off debt

- to voice your opinion on an online newspaper article and apparently get under some readers’ skins

- to want to shake people by the shoulders when they simply can’t do their job

- to feel good about yourself for accomplishing something, even it’s as small as taking the stairs instead of the elevator

- to wish people all the happiness and joy their hearts can hold

- to rid yourself of toxic people who suck the pure life out of you

- to contemplate going back to school for your Masters but being absolutely terrified of the GREs

- to just be quiet sometimes

- to wrap up in a bright pink snuggie in your office chair because it’s freezing in your office

- to not really like Facebook anymore

- to allow yourself a positive outlet, like blogging, working out, and/or crafting to bring you personal satisfaction

- to stand your ground for what you believe in

- to get hungry every time you smell food

- to want a new car even though gas prices and car payments are ridiculous right now

That’s all I’ve got for today!! What is “OK” with yall!? Link up and share with us!

Hope ya’ll are having an “OK” Thursday!! See ya’ll tomorrow!!!



  1. Just found your blog from the link up. I am right there with you on being terrified of the GRE! New follower. :)

  2. I'm laughing at #1 - my husband and I buy a box of Lucky Charms once in a while and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it's gone. It's just sooo good!! And, our entire tax refund is going towards (student loan) debt as well...

  3. I agree! I use all of those as positive outlets. Blogging. Working out. Being Creative. I also have recently rid my self of negative people. I did not realize how much of a downer that was! <3 reading your blog!

  4. We just had to buy a new car this weekend because both our cars died at the same time! One of the vehicles has been nothing but trouble so we needed a new one. I love your blog! I especially like your "it's ok to feel good about youself for accomplishing something". So true!