Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hello Hello Hello! Feeling much better than I was yesterday and I'm super excited to share what I am loving this week!! Not to mention, for today, I am out of my Blah-sitive funk from yesterday!

1. Finding out our bedroom ceiling fan as a dimmer!!!! We completely found this by accident last night, when Baby Reef jumped on the bed to go to sleep! The remote to the fan was lying under the covers and the pupster laid down on it. We noticed the light dimmed a bit and then grew brighter and then back dim again. After searching around in the bed for the remote I began to play with the light button. If you hold it down gradually it dims! How flipping awesome! All we could do was laugh because we’ve had it for over two and a half years and had NO IDEA! Hellooooo mood lighting!!!

2. The movie Gidget! I’m a sucker for oldies music and movies and even though old movies tend to be cheesy, this is one of my favorites! The hubby and I got caught up in watching it last night! We laughed at the overly dramatic acting and awful unrealistic surf shots! It’s funny to think that years ago in 1959, people actually thought it looked real! Regardless, the movie is adorable and it definitely is what prompted females to take up surfing back then!

3. Dirty Water, Dirty South. An old classmate, Jill, who I met when I attended George Mason University recently started a blog of her own! As I was checking it out the other afternoon, I found myself caught up in a post about consignment shops! She frequents them often to find key pieces for her wardrobe and has been lucky enough to have snagged a Chanel/Chanel tweed jacket {which is a HUGE deal if you understand what the Chanel/Chanel label is}. It inspired me to start checking out local consignment shops in my area to see what kind of pieces I can add to my own closet! Head on over and check out her blog and while you’re at it, congratulate her! She’s headed down the aisle in 6 months!

4. My doctor visit this morning! I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to see the doctor! I explained to her some of my worries and she determined that right now, everything going on is related to my lack of solid sleep! She prescribed a sleep aid for me, migraine medicine {thank you Lord} and advised me to increase my exercise level. If I can start to sleep well the other issues and concerns may subside, including my migraines. I wasn’t able to have lab work performed because I drank coffee this morning so I’ll be headed back to the doctor in 2 weeks for that. Then we should be able to see if anything more serious is the issue. I am tired today but I am feeling less anxious about my health! Really looking forward to that sleep tonight!!!

5. My co-worker’s birthday cake! This weekend my work pal celebrated her birthday in her hometown of Chicago! During the planning process she showed me several different birthday cake ideas she wanted. She contacted a local Chicago bakery, Luscious Layers, and they confirmed they would be able to create her vision! Holy Moly did they!!! It turned out gorgeous and just as fabulous as my pal! Isn’t it beautiful!?

I hope ya'll are having an oh so wonderful Wednesday!!! Only a few more days and it'll be the weekend once again!!!



  1. You're so cute! Thank you for giving my new blog a shout out! I appreciate the support :-) Glad you're feeling better!

  2. LOVE that cake!!! Every year for my birthday I try to convince my husband to surprise me with a cake like that - and he always rushes out the same day and gets me a generic cake. I think I will order my own next year! ;)