Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Remember when I shared with y'all here, that the hubby and I were featured in a local magazine publication in the Spring? Well, the fabulous photographer, Rebecca Keeling, gave me all of the photos from the shoot back at the beginning of Summer AND I just realized I never shared them with y'all!!!

Sooo prepare for another photo dump today, featuring the hubby and I and all our modeling awkwardness! Seriously though, it's not easy!!! They make you sit in uncomfortable positions that cause leg cramps, we had to swat our way out of swarms of gnats and I'm pretty sure I snorted some up my nose at one point,  they tease you with delicious looking food, that you can't eat because said gnats have had a field day on it AND no, we could not drink the wine! None-the-less it was a fabulous time! I love Rebecca dearly and have nothing but love for the publication as I used to work for them many moons ago!


I have so much work to do as far as printing photos go! I still have yet to print any of our wedding photos, I have last year's Christmas that needs printing, our Annimoon photos and this photo shoot here! I better get to printing!!!!

Hope y'all are having a fabulous Tuesday!!!! Sending lots of love and hugs out today!!!



  1. These are adorable! I love the one of you laughing with your nose crinkled up. You're precious!

  2. I agree with TPG--love that photo, it's fabulous!! I hope you frame it:)

  3. Great pictures! That must have been so much fun to do! :)

  4. lauran, you are stunning!! what precious pictures! i love the one where you're smiling with your nose scrunched up. you look so happy!! :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! Where were they taken?
    I found you through the VA tab on The Chronicles of Chaos blog. I live here too!

    Newest follower!


  6. STOP IT. These are so freaking cute! Like seriously, I'm obsessed! You've got so many cute ones to choose from, I don't know how you'll ever narrow it down, haha! Um I want a copy of this magazine! You should scan your article too!
    SO glad you shared these!!

  7. Oh my goodness.. these are gorgeous!!! How exciting to be featured in a magazine! You are definitely going to have a tough time picking which photos to print. Thanks for sharing them :)

  8. these are so cute!! love them!! and I am actually trying to get my engagement pictures back from my photographer :/

  9. Just ran across your blog, and I have to say these are so cute. I love them!

    Ashley xo

  10. OMG!!!! i am dying! these pictures are too freaking cute omg! I LOVE them! and you look freaking aaamazing!!! seriously the cutest couple everrrr!! & i love that I can see the love you two have for eachother in your eyes. xoxo