Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Celebrity List!

First thing is first, THANK-YOU, every single one of you, for your support, comments, and personal emails pertaining to yesterday's blog post! I really had no clue how common a fear like this was or that so many females really suffer from anxiety! It's nice to know I'm not actually losing my marbles as I thought!  I promise I will respond and reply to all of you!

So a few weeks ago I was reading my daily go to blogs as usual and came across this "My Celebrity List" post at Brooklyn State of Mind! I thought it was a fun idea and tucked it away for a rainy-day-when-in-need post! Considering I am home sick in bed today, I am definitely calling on the when-in-need post.

Like Brandi and her hubs, my hubby and I have a "celebrity list" as in, if the moons and stars ever aligned and we met a celebrity on our list, they showed us interest, and proposed a hook up, we could par-take and not suffer ramifications of those actions. Key word there being "could". As attractive as I find the men on my list, I take my marriage vows extremely seriously, and even if my hubby gave the go ahead, I don't think I would feel right about! For sake of getting all sentimental and serious this post is just a "what if" scenario, so that's what I'm going with!

Matt Bomer - Channing Tatum - Bradley Cooper

There should be no surprise that Matt is number one on this list! It's a shame he bats for the other team, but a girl can dream right?! Channing, I mean hello, he proved his skills in Magic Mike...enough said! Bradley Cooper just seems to be the boy next door, charming, funny, athletic and veeery good looking! 

Now, I only thought it would be fair to share my husbands list with y'all! I think it's safe to say he isn't biased to a particular hair color but he is a fan of drop dead gorgeous eyes! 

Mila Kunis - Emma Stone - Erin Andrews
Who's on your list?! Hope everyone is having a Terrific Tuesday! Make sure you visit tomorrow as I am not partaking in my standard What I'm Loving Wednesday post! Doing a little Link Up you wont want to miss! XoXo!


  1. Love this! Derek's number 1 is Erin Andrews, I guess there's just something about a hot girl who loves sports! haha. Mine is Jake Gyllenhaal- Yumm! ;)

  2. I cannot get enough of Bradley Cooper lately...and always love my boy Channing! :)

  3. Girl you know I love me some Matt Bomer!!!;)