Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Letters!

Friday is here! Hallelujah! I feel really repetitive when I say this has been the longest week ever, but really, this one has! Not so much long in time, just crazy emotionally draining days that make the week seem to last for forever!  I need this all girls slumber party I'm attending tonight and I have no doubt it will offer copious amounts of wine too, which is quite therapeutic in my humble opinion!

Dear PMS, You are a Bitch. Plain and Simple. You make me behave in ways that are shameful. You would think by now I'd know how to handle you, but seriously, you are different every month and I can't keep up! You make me a horrible person and I hate you! Dear Memorial Service I Am Attending Today, Please know I will be an emotional wreck. Not only is this my boss's second family loss in two weeks but it's also her teenage daughters! I can remember, like it was yesterday, losing my grandparents in high school and I was around her age. It was difficult and I was sad for so long! I'm not sure I can bare to see either my boss or her daughter this afternoon, but I hope they know how much they are loved! Dear Harris Teeter, You really make my grocery shopping experience so much fun!!! Your produce section may be my favorite part of the entire store {next to the wine aisle, of course}. You carry the most vegetables I have ever seen and some I have never even heard of! I am always eager to browse what you are offering and try new things! Tonight I grabbed some brussel sprouts along with our normal veggie staples. The hubby and I have had them before but they are not a common vegetable in our home and I've never tried actually cooking them. I'm really excited to add a new vegetable to our meal plans... that is if they come out tasting well! Dear Ballard Designs, You make my life complete! I love everything in your catalog and wish I had an unlimited budget to buy EVERYTHING and fill my home with all your wonderful goodies! I definitely hope to revamp our outside patio this summer and include some items from your outdoor collection! Dear Dancing with the Stars Season 16, I'm going to be honest with you, the only reason I will be watching you, is to support my Brit Love, Lisa Vanderpump!  She really is breaking out from The Real Housewife franchise and making a name for herself outside of the wives! With Vanderpump Rules and now Dancing with the Stars under her belt, that woman really can do it all! I am always in complete awe of her {and her closet} and I am beyond excited to see her dance her booty off!!

Enjoy your weekends, darlings!!!! See you Monday! XoXo!


  1. Totally agree about Harris Teeter! Growing up in NC, that's where I always shopped with my mom. Miss it living on Ohio. And yes, I can't wait to see Lisa on DWTS this season, she will rock it! Happy Friday! :o)

  2. PMS is a complete bitch! Hope you feel better and have a blast at your girl's slumber party! You will deserve it after this week/today's service. Hugs sweet girl!

  3. oh yah i am glad that lisa is on dancing with the stars, i usually don't watch the show but this time i might have to i like lisa in the series!

  4. No great weekend started with PMS, that's for sure! BUT I hope you have a fantastic weekend none the less :)

  5. Hope you had a wonderful sleepover! Don't let the PMS get you down. ;-)

  6. ballard is my FAVORITE! i could seriously design my whole house from their magazine. and i am not sure about DWTS this season... i normally watch, but i am getting a little over it... so we will see.