Monday, April 16, 2012

Today, We are all HOKIES!

Today marks five years since the horrific events that put Virginia Tech on everyone’s televisions and in everyone’s prayers. Five Years?! I still remember where I was when the news first hit the air and I will never ever forget the emotions and worry that filled my entire body and heart!

During my college application process {way back in 2003} while in high school, I wanted nothing more than to be a Virginia Tech Hokie. I wanted to rock the maroon and orange, I wanted to jump up and down to "Enter Sandman" at football games, I wanted to be a part of a HUGE but yet close knit University! I wanted every bit of it, however, for reasons unknown, it wasn’t in the plan for my life to attend there. I was devastated! I had the grades and extra curricular activities, but my SAT scores were not the most impressive {my reasoning for not getting that HUGE acceptance package in the mail}. I quickly had to get over my sadness and choose another school, but I always had a special place in my heart for the Hokies. The hubby is also a huge fan and we have a ton of VA Tech memorabilia in our front room office not to mention we have had lots of friends attend there as well!

I was sitting in the Webb Center on Old Dominion University’s campus during my first semester as a transfer student that fateful morning. There were flat screens in the area I was studying, in which immediately caught my attention with the breaking news. I felt my heart sank. There were many people I knew on that campus and all I could think about was if they were safe and out of harms way. I immediately called my hubby (then of course he was my boyfriend). Then I started checking Facebook to see if our friends were leaving statuses of their well being. I don’t think I put my phone down that day until we had heard some kind of communication from our friends. They were all okay physically, but obviously being in that horrible situation you can’t be okay mentally. My heart ached for our friends, for the entire VA Tech student body, and for those who were involved and lost their lives.

Thinking about that terrible event still brings tears to my eyes. I am an emotional person in general, but NO ONE should have to lose their lives in that manner! So many students, teachers, and faculty, so much potential, so much more of their lives to live and it was all cut short in a blink of an eye. Their families were never able to say goodbye. How unfair life can be at times. The student body and their ability to come together in such a crisis and be there for one another was extremely touching to me! People with different backgrounds, beliefs, and views all came together to support one another. It just goes to show that good will always prevail over evil!
I hope for a moment you all can reflect back on those events today. Say a prayer for those families who had to deal with such an incredible loss as they will never ever be the same, no matter how many years go by. Say a prayer for Virginia Tech, for today we are ALL HOKIES.



  1. Such a horrible tragedy, good to see the VA Tech campus overcoming this!

  2. Love this...I'm always so proud to be a Hokie, but even more proud that everyone in the community supports VT as well!