Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

What I am loving and appreciating today and this week!!! Enjoy loves!

1. The company wide praise my sweet hubby received yesterday! He works so very hard at what he does and I know the public acknowledgement and pat on the back made him feel good! He deserves it and I’m so very proud of him!

2. My Honda Civic coupe. With gas prices in our area at $3.95 per gallon I can honestly say I am extremely thankful I have my little beat up silver car! It helps having this non-gas guzzler at times like days when I’m commuting 20 miles {an hour of sitting in traffic} twice a day. Granted I can’t wait to upgrade to a new vehicle here in the near future, but for now I’m appreciating my car at the gas pump!

3. Easter! Hello?! What’s not to love about this holiday! Family, Friends, Food, and our Father! It is definitely one of my favorite holidays to celebrate and makes me so very thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made for me {and you} so long ago.

4. Reading in bed with the hubby! I absolutely love this! The hubster isn’t a book nerd like I am, but last night he got a wild hair up his rear and decided to re-read a book titled “The Baseball Codes” that he started forever ago and never finished! I of course was reading “The Girl Who Played with Fire”. It’s nice to be close in bed {with the pup of course}, snuggled up, television off, windows open, just reading! The quietness is such a joyous sound to me!

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5. My work makeup routine. I basically work in a cubbie hole and flip through files all day, meaning I don’t have to deal a lot with outside people as I did in my other position. Because of my lack of people contact I’ve become a bare minimalist with my makeup routine for work. It started out first because I always wanted that extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning, so I’d sleep, slap on the little amount of makeup I had time to apply, and head out the door, all the while HATING my face! Now, I’m completely comfortable with it. Maybe because time has nothing to do with it and it’s actually my choice to wear how much or how less I want. Some may think you should ALWAYS look your BEST, and while I agree with this, if you are stuck in a cubbie hole, and you’re okay with powder, blush, and mascara to get you through the day, and your HAPPY, then who cares how much makeup you’re wearing?! I don’t have anyone to impress and until I have to deal with clients and high management, I’ll stick with my low-key makeup routine!

It's Wednesday!!! Only 2 more days until the weekend :) Hope ya'll are having a fabulous day!!!


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