Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Friday Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday!

Now y'all have that Rebecca Black song in your heads don't you?! haha You are very welcome! Actually I now have it repeating in my head and I may want to or not want to blow my brains out now!

I want to say thank you for all the sweet supportive comments y'all left me on yesterday's post!!! It's comforting knowing I am not the only one who suffers from these kinds of fears! Y'all made me feel so much better about my own insecurities! I promise it is something I will continuously be working on and through!

Anywho I have to share this amazingly awesome news with y'all!!! One of my very own real life best buddies has decided to join the blogging community! I read her first post last night and literally thought "Tat you are brilliant"!  She, hands down, has one of the sweetest souls ever! You will definitely see this in her posts as her whole blogging purpose is to share her experience with thirty days of performing random acts of kindness! I swear you are not going to want to miss a day of it, so hop on over to Lipstick and Sippy Cups and leave Tatiana some love!!!

Yesterday I was tagged by Miss Kenj over at Silkybowties to answer {quite a few} questions about myself and share some things y'all may not know about me! I'll keep the fears at bay today and share happy thoughts!

11 Things You May Not Know About Me
 {I already can tell this is going to be harder than I thought}

1. I graduated from high school 33rd in a class of about three hundred and seventy some people, but I wasn't accepted to Virginia Tech! 

2. I am completely and utterly computer challenged! You've seen my blog page right!? Maybe if I hadn't paid a guy on my floor freshmen year with a case of beer to do my IT 101 HTML website, I may know more on how to fix my god awful page! Ooops! 

3. I am allergic to mosquitoes. Yes, I know everyone is, but what I mean is when they bite, five minutes later I have welps the size of silver dollars where they bit me! I literally swell up! And you best believe if I am in a group of people I WILL BE THE ONLY person to get attacked by those bloodsuckers! 

4. I perform my face wash routine EVERY morning and night. No matter how severely inebriated I have been at night or how rushed I am in the morning, I wash, tone, and moisturize, even if I am sitting on the bathroom floor! 

5. I may or may not have made out with my husband the first night we ever met at a high school party almost 10 years ago! {Sorry Mom and Mother in law!}

6. I rode and jumped horses competitively for almost 11 years. I miss it terribly!

7. You may have read this on my guest post at Blabbering Thoughts, but my first waitressing job, I was in fact, a Hooter's Girl.

8. Mrs. In Training and I not only went to GMU together, we worked together at Buffalo Wing University, AND best of all, we used to be roommates! I still remember when she first got lil Miss Holly who is now a big sister to Chi and Kelly's sweet daughter, Guinevere.

9.  I love the water but I really am not the strongest of swimmers.

10. I have never broken a bone in my body! Does this mean I don't live an adventurous enough life?! I beg to differ!

11. I seriously DO NOT LIKE beer. I never have and as hard as I have tried I never will. Bring on the bourbon!

Now - 11 Questions

1. What is your profession?
Funny you should ask! I'm spending all day today moving into my new office with my Manager and Assistant manager! {An office with a window, mind you} I am now the Post Closing Executive Assistant for the Mortgage Company I work for. I still don't know ALL of what I will be doing but the majority will be relieving both managers of their work load so they can do more managing and leading than the busy tedious work that has been taking up countless hours of their time! I do know I will be endorsing Loan Notes which is a huge deal! I have like 17 REALLY important stamps and a giant ink pad that give me a WHOLE lot of power! Apparently... that is what they told me yesterday! 

2. How would you describe your style?
FRUMPY! Haha that's how I feel when I don't have a lot of new items being added to my closet. HOWEVER when they are added it is a mix between Preppy/Trendy/Classic. I tend to wear lots of black but have been trying to get colorful with jewelry and fun tops. I like pearls, lace, ribbon, bows and the color pink! I love pointy toe pumps even though the new fad of "hooker heels" {as I like to call them} has found its way into my shoe wardrobe. 

3. What one make-up product can you not live without? 
Ummmm this is a trick question, because I CAN NOT LIVE with just ONE! Nope Nope! Not happening! However, if you want to see ALL of what I can not live with out, check it out here

4. If you could be besties with one celebrity, who would it be?
Easy. Matt Bomer. He is the hottest of hot, BUT he is the gayest of gay! Total best of both worlds! Be friends with the most hottest man on the planet, {next to my sexy hubby of course}, have an ultimate shopping pal and share major bitch sessions, all the while knowing NO OTHER WOMAN can have him? Sign me up! 

5. What is your dream vacation? 
What isn't my dream vacation? Definitely anywhere cold! I'm not down with lots of snow or ice or freezing temps. I can deal with an occasional snowboarding trip, but nothing more. Gimmie a beach, crystal clear water, and a cocktail with a straw and I'm golden! 

6. What magazines do you subscribe to?
None. Well unless you count the Essence magazine that comes to my mailbox monthly. Not even sure how that happened. I just take it to work the next day for my co-workers to read who can relate a bit more to it! 

7. If you could have any special talent {that you don't currently have}, what would it be?
I really wish I could sing! I'd love to be able to sing lullabies and sweet songs to my babies/children {if I ever get over the fear of having kids}. Hell, I wouldn't mind just blowing people away with an amazing voice at Karaoke. 

8. What is your favorite breakfast food?
Biscuits and Gravy, hands down. I'm a southern girl! Add some grits in there and I'm set! 

9. If you could do anything, what is your dream job?
Seriously? Erin Andrews job! If you need the back story check it out here as to WHY I don't have her job!

10. What is your guilty pleasure?
Ice cream. I love it. I can't even keep it in the house because it would be gone in one sitting. Not to mention making a decision at the grocery store on what kind to even buy stresses me out. I can't make decisions like that under such pressure! 

Onto Tagging 11 people! 
{You ladies better do this or else... or else nothing, who am I kidding?}

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Hope everyone has a fabulous FRIDAY!!! It's basically a free day for me at work considering the office move, lunch with some co workers, and a Sweet Treat Office Party this afternoon! Maybe this place isn't that bad afterall ~ until next month of course ha!



  1. Love reading your eleven random facts!!! I am totally with you on the mosquito bites--no one else around me will have any and I will be all bit up. It's the WORST!!!

  2. Man... Don't we all wish we could be Erin Andrews.. Dang.

    And... if you want to spruce up your blog a little (and are willing to fork over a little bit of money to save yourself the trouble) go to There are different price ranges of pre-designed blogs that they just fit your information into. They set it all up for you. Easiest thing ever. That's where mine came from :)

  3. man, your husband is one lucky guy. a hooters girl AND you made out with him when you first met. ;) I'll be checking out Tatiana for sure! you should be in sales. or maybe you are? ;)

  4. Hey that's me! Thanks!! You can bet I'll be doing this, asap ;)

  5. OBVIOUSLY I love number 8, haha. Those were some fun days!!! xoxo

  6. HI! How cute is this blog?!! I LOVE Erin Andrews :) I'm actually a Sports Writer for the Baltimore Ravens, hoping to advance maybe one day in the future to sideline reporting! Excited to me a new follower. xoxo

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